How do Featured Snippets Work in SEO?

Featured Snippets have been in Google searches for almost a decade. But, its shape, relevance, and importance have seen a significant shift for SEO. Google has become smart enough to display more accurate results to users. It picks up content matching with the user queries and shows in search results. 

Well, a million-dollar question! How do featured snippets influence search engine optimization? No doubt, search engine rankings even matter for featured snippets. However, marketers get bonus traffic, CTR, and improvement in SERPs position. So, ignoring featured snippets is not at all a good option. We’ll explore more into featured snippets in the following sections. 

What are the featured snippets?

Featured snippets are sections of data that Google finds most appropriate as per user search. It is the most basic form of information that user finds valuable instantly. Featured snippets appear before other search results. It is the reason SEO strategists consider it as the #0 position. 

Featured snippets come in various hues and colors. These are the types:


The paragraph is the widely popular category in the featured snippets. Generally, it contains words ranging from 40 to 60 words. Google gives answers in the form of running text rather than scattered one. It includes definitions and descriptions of certain questions. 

Ordered List

The ordered list is the featured snippets mentioned in the definite steps. For example, the first step will lead to the next, then further, and so on. Google can recognize ‘Step #1’ or Step 1. 

Additionally, a list in 1, 2, 3 or a, b, and c is also acceptable. But the best one is Step #1. Individual steps must begin and end properly.

Unordered List

An unordered list is not steps restricted. It could be random steps in the form of bullet points—for example, the best tourist places in the world.


It is where Google extracts data directly from the web pages. When you type mattress size, Google presents mattress size with their names and exact figures.

How to target featured snippets?

Some marketers think that featured snippets decrease their CTR. But is it true? Let’s see the impact of featured snippets. If a query cover 100% of what user desire, why will they click on the website link? It is but obvious! 

Several tools like Backlinko, Ahref, SEMrush, and Google search console tell the keywords corresponding to their percentage of clicks. If the number of clicks is more than 50% for specific keywords, it is better to go for it. Also, SEO experts can optimize your website for featured snippets effortlessly. 

What is the logic behind users clicking on featured snippets? Sometimes, they don’t provide complete information. So, they have to click on the link to get more data. For example, the list could be in the continuation form. Or, Google set forth paragraphs with no absolute set of knowledge. 

Write content for featured snippets.

Everything starts with content. There is no substitute for quality content. For featured snippets, it is necessary to cover a topic in detail. Do you know featured snippets and “People also ask” are highly interlinked with each other. 

Put a topic in the Google search. It will layout frequently asked questions by users. Furthermore, writing on a generic topic will reduce the chances of getting featured in snippets. 

On the other hand, Google can easily extract snippets from a single topic covered in detail. Another source from where you can find content ideas is “Answer the Public.”

Long-tail keywords

It is not like that. Every query makes its space for featured snippets. But, long-tail keywords get maximum displayed for the featured snippets. When we the relationship between long-tail keywords and the number of clicks. They are directly related to each other. 

Focus on improving your rankings

Thinking that featured snippets are a shortcut route to improving rankings. It is a wrong notion. If your page ranks at page 11, Google won’t pick it up for featured snippets; however, properly featured snippets are there. 

When rankings improve to the first or second SERP page, Google considers it reliable of information. Let’s say your ranking position is at #6 on the first SERP page. You’ll come upwards. Gradually, your rankings, reputation, and traffic will improve. 

And what to talk about mobile devices? Mobile screens are small. Featured snippets cover most of the screen. So, what happens in this process? Your brand presence and recognition improve manifold.


Videos are an essential part of featured snippets, especially Youtube. Thus, businesses can create videos matching their products and services and “How to” use them. 

Covering videos along with the text is a great way to improve customer engagement. Furthermore, mention video transcript in the video description for Google to locate keywords quickly.


In short, featured snippets can change your SEO game. But, strategizing it will deliver the best results. First, focus on improving your rankings to top Google pages, then provide quality and 360-degree content coverage. 


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