These cheap countries you’re looking for to settle down.

Maybe you're searching for these modest nations for you and your family to live in.

Everyone’s dream is to move to a country where the living cost is moderate, but the lifestyle is more than reasonable. Many countries in the world could weave us a path for that dream to become real. This difference in accommodation costs could be due to differences in taxes, market structure, legal restrictions, and transportation costs. The following countries have a low cost of accommodation with many benefits.


It is a country where both the modern and ancient structures are side by side, complementing each other and highlighting the contrast, making it an exotic place to live within the range. It has one of the strongest economies in Asia. If you can steer clear of expensive cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, you can surely get an apartment within $250 a month. You can easily earn good money by teaching English.

Costa Rica

It is the perfect cheap vacation getaway with lush rainforests, tropical beaches, and dormant volcanoes. But in this case, you can have a lifelong vacation since live-in costs in Costa Rica are affordable with good medical care and warm locals. Though it is more expensive than other countries in the surrounding regions, salaries also tend to be higher here, which makes up for the difference. It provides both peace and stability, which is quite a complex combination to get. A rented apartment would cost around $300, and the most common jobs include tourism and scuba diving.


Whenever someone hears Mexico, the first thought that comes to their mind is tacos, nachos, and their exquisite cuisine, which is quite known worldwide. The country is a mixture of temperate mountains, gorgeous deserts, quiet towns, and sophisticated cities, making it easy for anyone to fit in. A one-bedroom apartment costs around $350 depending on location like Merida. Labour costs are low, making it easy for you to get a handyperson. Sales and tourism jobs are pretty in demand.


It is the cheapest and safest country to move to, with fascinating cultures and sticky mango rice. With many different islands, Bali is a favourite spot among tourists with moderate prices. Rents can be as low as $150 for a studio apartment with a high hospitality job rate. Amid the Buddhist temples and rice fields, this country exudes tranquillity.

South Africa 

From horse racing, wine tours to whale watching and river rafting, South Africa is undoubtedly a fascinating country. It’d be an easy transition to South Africa due to no language barrier and the same high standard of living as Western countries. You could quickly get an apartment for $400 per month. Overall, it is a great choice to make a living here.

South Korea 

Though it is quite an expensive country, the salary from the jobs covers it. The jobs also include accessible accommodations, which reduce the cost of living significantly. Although the rent of an apartment is a bit higher than in other Southeast Asian countries, you can find an apartment within $350. Jobs like Public Relations and Securities Analysts are popular.


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