These cigarettes have only the aroma of Nicotine and are low harmful than the average.

Smoking is the most terrible habit to give up. We all grew up hearing ‘Smoking is injurious to health, it can kill.’ But, cigarettes are highly addictive because it contains harmful chemicals such as nicotine and tar. They are the reason which is responsible for respiratory diseases, including lung cancer.

Some passionate smokers are struggling to quit smoking. We came up with some light cigarettes that have low harm.

  1. Marlboro filter plus one

Marlboro is one of the well-known cigarette brands in the US working on making cigarettes that contain 1mg of tar and 0.1mg of nicotine. It undergoes sophisticated production to reduce the risk effect as it is a lighter version of the less harmful cigarette. Marlboro is the top-selling cigarette brand to exist.

  1. Pall Mall super slims silver

The brand directs pall mall super slims silver in the US, and it is the biggest tobacco company around the world. It contains tar f 1mg and nicotine of 0.1 mg. The Blue color packaging refers to the lighter version of menthol flavor.

  1. Winston Xsence white mini

The owner of this brand is tobacco in Japan. The authority is committed to producing cigarettes with the composition of tar, which is 1mg, and nicotine of 0.1mg.  Whereas Winston red has a higher level of tar-like 10mg and 0.8 mg of nicotine

  1. Lucky strike click & roll

The brand of the lucky Strike is from the great British American Company of tobacco. The popular lighter version of Lucky Strike click & roll contains 0.5mg of nicotine and 7mg of tar. On the other hand, the lucky Strike original red contains 0.7mg of nicotine and 10mg of tar. Amazingly, a menthol-flavored capsule is there in the filter portion of this cigarette for a heavenly taste.

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  1. Camel one

If you ask for the most selling cigarette brands in the US, that is Camel one. The company is from Reynolds Americans proc

Camel one light cigarettes have a shallow content of harmful chemicals compared to the camel filter.  It has only 0.1 mg of nicotine and 1mg of tar. This lighter version burns for a more extended period and a similarly strong effect of solid tobacco flavor but with a lower composition of harmful components.


  1. Davidoff one

Davidoff is one of the most elegant appearances of cigarette owned by Oettinger Davidoff AG. The brand also presents varieties of fancy cigarette accessories. It slightly tastes like fruity tang and has tar of 1mg and nicotine of 0.1 mg.


  1. Dunhill Fine Cut

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes contain low tar content of 0.1 mg of nicotine and 1mg of tar, produces by the British American Tobacco Company. The cigarettes have a pleasant, fresh taste similar to the more substantial effect of the tobacco version and have a decent packaging style.

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For many chain smokers, giving up smoking seems like a nightmare. You can consider these enlisted cigarette brands of the lowest nicotine and tar content which may reduce the risk of lung disease, though not entirely but to a greater extent undoubtedly.


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