Amex Credit Card Online leads you to activate any Amex credit card online. So if you are looking for a guide for how to activate or confirm an American Express credit card, then you are lucky.

Here is the complete step by step guide for AmericanExpress/Confirmcard so you can follow it.

Americal Express

If you want to confirm an Amex card, then follow the guide below.

  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. Now enter your card number and card ID
  3. Now click on Confirm button
  4. That’s it

Confirm Amex Card on Phone

Amex Card for iPhone

The other way you can confirm an Amex card is through a phone call. The method is below.

  1. Make a call on 1-800-362-6033
  2. Now ask them to activate your card
  3. Enter your card number and select a security PIN for your card
  4. That’s it

So you see how simple it is to confirm an American Express card either on or on the phone.

What is American Express?

American Express is a multinational finance and credit card company. Also, American Express comprises three different parts, American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., American Express Centurion Bank, and American Express International Incorporated. offers cardmembers a variety of products, including cards for people with a bad credit history or no credit history and those who want to build their scores by using responsible habits to become more financially stable overall.

Moreover, confirming your identity online can be done on the website, where you will have access to information about your account balance. So just log into after entering your username and password provided through mail when applying for membership status within AmEx’s network of companies (American Express Centurion Bank).

This American Express card is a prepaid membership card that can make purchases online or at stores, but it cannot be used as an ATM-debit card.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to use your account for personal transactions such as paying bills and shopping on the internet if you would like American Express’ services after obtaining this free American Express Membership Card from American Express.

Benefits of American Express Credit Cards

There are many benefits of using American Express credit cards. You can use them in different stores and hotels. Also, you can get rewards as well when using your Amex card there.

Moreover, there are many benefits that you can get through American Express confirm card.

Low APR Ratio

The APR ratio of American Express credit cards is very low. You can also get some loans with this card.

Cashback Offers

There are amazing cashback offers when you are using these cards. The cashback is from 5% to 20% on different cards. You can book flights and hotels with Amex credit cards and get amazing deals and discounts.

Credit and Debit Card for Everyone

There is a large variety of cards that you can use from Amex. Moreover, they offer cards for every person, like different credit cards and debit cards.

Some of the best Amex cards are below.

  • American Express Black Centurion Card
  • American Express Platinum Card
  • Amex Gold Card
  • American Express Visa Premium Card
  • American Express Delta SkyMiles Card

Conclusion is a guide for everyone who does not know to activate AMEX CARD. Moreover, this is a very easy and step by step guide so you can easily confirm your card.


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