Why and How to Transcribe Your Podcast Episodes?

What Is Transcription?

Transcription is taking an audio recording from a podcast or video and converting it into text. To have a written transcription of the content you record, a program transcribes it in text form.
Transcribing your podcast is simply the act of converting your episode’s audio into text so your program can be read on your website.

Podcast Transcription Software

Transcribing a podcast can be time-consuming and challenging, but several options exist. If you’re seeking automatic transcription, you can utilize one of the many services that convert audio to text automatically. Fees for this service vary and may involve subscription payments in some cases. You’ll also need to read over the transcription with your own eyes to catch any errors.

Reasons for including transcripts with your podcasts

Effective SEO

Providing a text transcript will increase traffic when optimizing your podcast for search engines. Transcribing the audio allows consumers to search for your podcast content on search engines, opening up an entirely new traffic channel.

People are eager to read

Most first-time visitors to your podcast may opt to read a transcript to determine the value of the content. Although this is a given for deaf audiences, others who do not have hearing loss might benefit from the opportunity to read through transcripts and avoid the distractions and pain that listening may create.

Social Media Friendly

Social media primarily drives any good podcast. Creating transcripts or text examples of your material can make your podcast easier to distribute across all social media channels. Quotes, highlights, and interviews are easier to share in text form, increasing the viral potential of your material.

Everyone Enjoys Podcasts

As the number of people who cannot access podcast content grows, so does the number of people who can. Podcasts, like music, rely on your hearing to participate. Many deaf or hard-of-hearing people cannot access podcast content because no supplemental transcripts are available.

Transcripts of your podcasts and using various free internet services or applications can help you increase your audience and improve your reputation as an inclusive and accessible podcast that cares about its listeners’ needs hence with podcast transcription services such as GoTranscript you can get such services.

It’s easy

Transcription is not a time-consuming or expensive process. It delivers high-quality transcribed audio on time and is reasonably priced by leveraging advanced captioning technology. With this, you are relieved of the stress of self-transcription.

How Can I Get Podcast Episode Transcripts?

Most people imagine themselves listening to their episodes dozens of times, pausing and rewinding to transcribe each word that is stated quickly. While this is one method for transcribing an audio recording, it is inefficient – and your fingers will ache for days.

Considerations When Choosing a Transcription Service

Accuracy level.

When looking for podcast transcription services, accuracy is one of the most critical factors. Like any other service, you may not know who the greatest in the field are unless you try them. Trying many companies or even having them submit a sample of their work for evaluation should help you make a better-informed conclusion.

Time to complete

In addition to accuracy, how quickly the supplier can turn in work and fulfill deadlines are essential to evaluate during the hiring process. Whether a long file is requested or not, the transcriptionist should be able to meet even the most stringent deadlines.

Audio File Formats

The vendor of transcription services should be able to work with and support a variety of audio formats. Working with a service like this should save you time because you won’t have to convert the media files yourself.


Many businesses find it difficult to upload large recording files. As a result, the provider’s website should be able to accommodate the simultaneous uploading of huge files.

Security and confidentiality.

Meetings, earnings calls, conference calls, and a variety of other confidential files and data will be included in the majority of firm transcription files. As a result, you must be sure that the information provided to them is secret and secure.

Customer services

For the most excellent service, aim for personalized customer service. While some organizations provide broad customer assistance, others provide a direct connection to your project manager. This allows for follow-ups and even requests for changes without going through the phone-tree customer service system.


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