How To Have Realistic Sim Racing Experience

All sim racers, regardless of experience level—from novice to expert—share the same ultimate goal: live an incredibly lifelike simulation of sim racing, all by sitting at home. We’ll look at three ways in this blog post to help you enhance your virtual racing experience and make it harder to tell the difference between reality and game. You can increase the realism of your setup in a number of ways, such as by indulging yourself in the most lifelike games, moving forward in your path, or even enabling haptic feedback to your sim racing setup!  With these three potential upgrades to your sim racing experience, bid your boring old one farewell and welcome to a brand-new, improved one!

Conquer the most realistic sim racing games

Making sure you’re playing one of the most realistic games is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to have a more immersive sim racing experience. Whatever your style of sim racing, the sim racing community generally agrees that iRacing is the game to play. Professional drivers and novice drivers alike use it, and all you need to play is a PC and a game subscription! With over 400 different racing leagues available for you to join, iRacing is known for its realism, safety ratings for drivers, and cars and tracks that have been laser-scanned for accuracy. It is also one of the only simulation racing games that only offers you an in-cockpit view.

Take a step forward in sim racing upgrade path

Upgrading your racing simulation to an unprecedented degree of realism necessitates a methodical and planned approach! The next step to creating a more realistic experience is to assess where you are in the typical sim racing path and make all the required investments once you have the best games ready to play.  If you are new to sim racing, you probably use keyboards and mouse in a unique way, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enhance the realism of their experience. Getting a racing wheel and a set of pedals is the first step in any sim racing. These essential elements of any sim racing setup are the foundational improvements that set the stage for all upcoming upgrades!

Add haptic feedback

Adding haptic feedback to your setup is the last step for any sim racer looking to enhance realism in their experience!  The potential of haptic technology for sim racing is immense. Imagine not only hearing and seeing the tire screech and engine rumble as you brake, but actually feeling it throughout your pedals, seat, and wheel.

Professional drivers like Anthony Alfredo and Louise Cook use their haptic sim racing setups as training tools for the real thing because motion adds a crucial layer to the sim racing experience. No matter how virtual the car is, haptic feedback allows you to feel the tactile sensations and develop a deeper connection with it! If you integrate haptics into the racing setup, you will feel even the smallest details. You’ll be fully immersed in your at-home sim racing experience and be able to make split-second decisions that will cut lap times thanks to the information you’ll feel during a race because of the haptic technology. Try simucube sport provided by Pure Sims for a more immersive experience.


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