What is the Future of a Bachelor of Commerce?

Bachelor of Commerce or BCom is a three-year bachelor’s degree course, where students get trained with business laws, analytical skills, financial literacy, taxation knowledge, business acumen, etc. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Commerce stream, generally go into the fields of accounting, banking, and finance in the future.

However, apart from these three fields, BCom has many other future prospects too. Candidates having the BCom degree, come from a commerce background in their 12th grade and secure knowledge about economics, business management, finance, accounting, etc. The aim of the candidates with this degree is generally clear as to where they will go or which career will they choose. However, there are careers that some students might be aware of.

BCom similarly to BA and BSc brings a lot of opportunities as well as future prospects, which people generally overlook. For that, here is the article for you depicting the future of the bachelor of commerce stream.

What is a BCom degree?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, a Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year graduation degree. Candidates need to be eligible for the course by securing a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in their 12th grades, and should also have a commerce background in their 10+2 levels. Candidates might have to or may not have to sit for the entrance exams depending upon the college, as merit-based admission is also present here.

One of the best things about the BCom degree is that, it is available via distance education, and also you do pursue online education from a digital website that creates programs for you by knowing how to create an online course using best platform to sell courses online. Some of the top colleges for the BCom degree are Hansraj College, Loyola College, Hindu College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, etc.

The importance of the BCom degree

Like the BA and BSc degrees, the BCom degree has its own importance too. For students who aspire to become a businessman in the future or go into the entrepreneurship line, a BCom degree is the best line to choose in that case. Also, the BCom degree trains candidates to deal in the corporate world in the future as it provides financial and business knowledge needed to get yourself adapted to the professional world.

Another great reason to go for the BCom degree is that you will have a massive opportunity in the working sector as this stream trains you to be the part of vast job domains, starting from working in the banks, accounting firms, budget planning, capital management, investment banking, etc. Besides, it provides a good salary, and it enables you to work in sectors where your future generally gets secured.

Future of Bachelor of Commerce

As said earlier in the article, BCom enables you to work in multiple sectors and trains you to be eligible for various job options as well. But like other streams, you can do higher studies after BCome too. Below I’ve detailed both the options.

Higher Studies after BCom

If you plan to educate yourself more, after securing the BCom degree, the best option to go for is CA (Chartered Accountant). Or you can also go for Cost Accountant or even CMA or CS. MBA is also a great option after BCom. Even thousands of students aspire to pursue an MBA in the future. Pursuing MBA can be done by enrolling in any institution offering traditional or distance learning like an online MBA in Ghana.

Having both these degrees on your resume, even strengthens your chances to get hired for a secured job. Also, as BCom is available in online education too, you can look for websites, which sell programs by knowing how to sell online courses using online courses platform; you can buy one and can study from there as well.

Job Opportunities after BCom

Job opportunities are millions, once you secure the BCom degree. Below I’ve given the top job options as well as top recruiting companies for BCom graduates in India.

The top recruiting companies for BCom graduates in India are –

  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • Wipro
  • Cognizant
  • Genpact
  • Ernst & Young
  • Capgemini, etc.

The top job options for BCom graduates in India are –

Job Options Average Salary
Tax Consultant INR 5 lakhs
Accountant INR 2.48 lakhs
Auditor INR 4.61 lakhs
Finance Consultant INR 10.03 lakhs
Export-Import Manager INR 2.44 lakhs
Insurance Consultant INR 3 lakhs
Stock Broker INR 3.93 lakhs



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