Tips on How to be a Phenomenal English Literalist

Art is a highly subjective topic, the idea of art differs from person to person and his experiences. However, there are different art forms around the globe that may amaze you in ways you couldn’t imagine. For instance; painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, cinema, music and theatre. Every art form widely differs from one another but yet connected with an invisible thread of inspiration.

Artists’ first canvas is his mind on which he draws using his thoughts and ideas, his art is a blend of fact and fiction, so to be an artist you need to see the unseen. In other words you need to look for the bigger picture which is the higher motive or the purpose of the concept. Your art piece must reflect you. However, when we talk about literature we have seen incredible playwrights like Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe who wrote the astonishing morality play Dr. Faustus making a skillful use of adjectives that start with L.

On the contrary, when we dig into contemporary art, it is mostly abstract and undefined which probably depicts the uncertainty or unpredictability of today’s world. The uncertainty that had stricken the world after the two world wars still has its scars on the minds of new developing world. With that being said we have brought you some useful tips to inspire others with your literature art piece.

Find your Inspiration:

Inspiration comes from something that fascinates you and touches your soul, it comes from the purest feelings in your heart. They can be about an object or a person but sometimes you are naturally gifted to see things differently. You may be an optimist or a pessimist but there is always another side of the story that a real writer never misses out on. There are a few basic and sensitive areas in every story that you need to address while shaping your own realities.

Write about something that fascinates you:

Your mood is your tool when you are a creative writer, there are days when you feel low and don’t feel like writing so it would be better if you don’t push yourself hard to do it. You can try changing your mood by engaging in other meaningful activities, they may be physical or you can read a book to boost your energy level or try watching a movie for a change, you never know you might get inspired by the characters or the story.

Start Romanticizing:

People usually confuse romanticizing for love but there’s a vast gap in between the two terms, while romanticizing you search for all the great things despite the suspicion if something is visibly wrong. However, the romantics like John Keats have taught us to admire the beauty merely from a window. The poet who had died of tuberculosis at the age of 25 and was bedridden has written such soulful poems like Ode to the Nightingale.

 Look for Broader Perspectives:

The accuracy of your observation help you see broader perspectives clearly, you are able to see through different lenses or you can create a lens of your own. The one who researches a lot is more likely to see through a wide variety of lenses for instance; realism, idealism, romanticism etc. For instance; the concept of a happy marriage would be absolutely bogus for a realist while a romantic would absolutely cherish the idea.

Use Fancy Vocabulary:

Vocabulary plays a crucial role in writers’ art piece, if you use attractive words and vivid descriptions your reader would be encouraged to read more of you. Just like a painting with vast range of colors on a canvas which attracts the admirers from all around the world. There are several websites to look for a wide range of unique words to put in your article or a story.

Appreciate the Spirit of Literature:

Last but not the least artistic appreciation is a must if you are an artist yourself. Be humble enough to encourage other artists to come forward so that they showcase their talents. There are several platforms where you can post your talents such as art exhibitions or literature festivals. In fact, there are also platforms to showcase performing arts as well.


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