Best Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Charity Event

Schools across the country are constantly looking for creative ways to fundraise so they can provide their students with the resources they need. From student clubs to academic departments, there is a wide range of activities and organizations looking for financial support. Fortunately, we will be going over the best fundraiser ideas out there to help schools raise money. Whether it’s hosting a gala event or getting local businesses involved, there is no shortage of ways schools can raise money.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to raise money for your school, Charity Safaris can help you to accomplish this endeavor. In this blog post, we’ll share fun and easy ideas that are sure to get everyone involved. So whether you’re looking to hold a bake sale or are planning to put on a car wash, you are sure to find some great ideas in this article. Let’s get started!

Have a Bake Sale With Unique and Homemade Items

A bake sale fundraiser is a great fundraising idea and a creative way for schools to raise money. It requires minimal effort on the part of staff and parents, and has the potential to be a fun event for students too! When running the fundraiser, unique and homemade items should be prioritized because they will draw more attention and potentially bigger profit margins.

In addition, adding good presentation values to these items can help make them stand out even more. If there are any experienced bakers or cake makers in your school community, consider asking them for their specialty items as this is sure to add novelty value to your fundraiser. They say that nobody can resist a good bake sale!

Have a Car Wash With Different Themed Days

Schools can tap into fun and creative fundraising ideas by organizing days dedicated to car washes. Car washes are a fun and creative way for schools to fundraise money. Setting up a car wash is not only an easy way to earn some money, but you can also make it into an event by planning different themed days. 

Instead of having just an average, everyday car wash each week, why not liven things up? Holding days with Hawaiian themes or beach days for the fundraiser is one way to switch up the routine and attract a potentially larger crowd of participants. 

For example, you could have a beach day where the workers offer free extra services like air fresheners with each car washed. You could also do a sports-themed day where everyone wears their favorite team’s jersey and offers discounts on merchandise purchased at the car wash. By creating different events throughout the week, people will be more likely to come back and it also keeps things interesting!

Making the event more exciting will help in raising funds for schools that rely on donations from others. Whether it’s parents, alumni, or even local businesses, creativity can be beneficial when raising funds.

Have a Garage Sale With Donated Items From the Community

You can organize a garage sale for schools to fundraise by mobilizing the community. Everyone wins in this scenario, as members of the community can donate items they no longer need while also supporting the school at no extra cost to them. By having a garage sale, schools can generate funds and gain exposure with local shoppers.

Additionally, schools can advertise the event via newsletters and other local circles such as churches, store bulletin boards, and various social media outlets. A successful garage sale can be organized by asking faculty, staff, parents, and community members to help solicit donations as well as participate in the actual event. With support from members of the community and some organizing savvy, a school’s garage sale fundraiser promises to be an exciting and effective way to raise money for any educational institution or project.

Organize Silent Auctions

Organizing silent auctions can be a great fundraising idea for schools, as they can appeal to a wide range of donors and provide an enjoyable and interactive way to raise money for the school. 

One of the most important aspects of a successful silent auction is to gather a wide variety of items to auction off. This can include items donated by individuals, local businesses, or organizations like Charity Safaris. Some popular options include gift certificates, artwork, jewelry, electronics, and sporting goods. It’s also a great idea to include experiences such as a chef’s dinner for two, a weekend vacation rental, or a day at a spa.

Silent auctions are a great way to raise funds for schools. By gathering a wide variety of items, creating an easy-to-use bidding system, designing an attractive display area, and promoting the event ahead of time, you can make the most of your next silent auction fundraiser.

Have an Art Show Where Local Artists Can Donate Their Work to Be Sold

One unconventional, yet effective, way to raise funds for a school is to host an art show and sale featuring talent from the local art scene. Not only would it be a great way to support local artists and their craft, but all the artwork collected could be sold with the proceeds benefiting the school.

For example, any work that’s chosen for the art show could be offered for sale and each of the artists can decide how much or little of their profits should go towards the fundraiser. It’s also an exciting activity that students can get involved in! They can help hang artwork, greet visitors, promote the event leading up to it, and even assist with sales on the date itself.

Best Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Charity Event1

Hosting an art show can truly be a remarkable experience for everyone involved: guests get to view beautiful works of art and share in enriching conversations while schools are presented with a unique opportunity to work with members of their community while raising money at the same time.


Schools need money for a variety of reasons, from buying new books for the library to updating playground equipment. One way to get that funding is through traditional means such as bake sales or car washes.

But if you want your school fundraiser to stand out, get creative with it! Ideas like holding a movie night or an art show are sure to bring in more people and more money. And don’t forget to involve the community – they’ll be more likely to support your efforts if they feel invested in them.


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