White shaker: a design that never gets out-of-date

A pure white shaker kitchen is one of the most effective concepts, if you need to design a relevant interior for many years to come. They can stand the test of time, because they amazingly combine both classic and modern elements. The story of this style begins in the XVIII century in England. The concept is absence of luxury, the preference for furniture of a simple and concise design.

If you choose a white shaker, you should not be afraid that the interior will be boring due to monochrome. To the contrary, it will give the kitchen a special charm and elegance, and if you want bright colors and accents, the room may be decorated with textiles and accessories of the desired hues. Furthermore, there are many shades of white: alabaster, ivory, snow-white, baked milk, etc.

Specific features of a white shaker

The main feature of such furniture is the use of natural materials for manufacture. For example, Cabinets Online uses only natural wood, certified for compliance with FSC and CARB 2 standards. Wood is a robust and durable material with a refined texture. It gives the interior a special charm, makes it warm and cozy.

The shaker style is characterized by rigorousness of lines. To decorate front panels, rectangular rails are used. No special requirements to the design of handles are placed: they can be classic or modern, with chrome or bronze coating. The only exception is not to use the built-in handles, the usual options are preferred.

Advantages of a white shaker

Its popularity results from the following factors.

  • The ability to enlarge the space visually.
  • White hues are perfectly combined with any colors, so there will be definitely no difficulties with the choice of textiles. Any appliances and accessories will look organic and stylish against a snow-white background.
  • Easy care, as stains and other fouling are less noticeable on such surfaces.
  • A positive effect on mood and mental harmony, as white imposes a sense of cleanliness and order. Moreover, white is less tiresome as compared to bright colors.

You may order a white shaker and obtain a free design project from Cabinets Online. Our experts will develop a tailored design concept for you and arrange fast delivery. All you’ll have to do is to assemble the furniture, and you won’t have to hire professional assemblers for this. To assemble the set, you will only need a screwdriver and some time, and the detailed video instruction on the assembly is available on the manufacturer’s website.


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