4 Best Beginner Tips For Rust

Rust is an open-world survival-crafting game, which is very hard to get into because it is brutal for beginners. If you don’t know what to do and are heading into a new server, then the experience can be quite difficult. Since Rust has a PvP aspect to it, it is very common for more experienced and well-equipped players to attack the newer ones. It is very rare to find people who lend a helping hand to beginners. Sometimes, players look at your accounts to decide if they should help out or not. So you can find some fresh Rust accounts here for great prices. Whether you’re looking for Rust Steam accounts with specific resources, achievements, or a certain level of progression, U7BUY has you covered.

So, let’s get into some tips that most beginner players can follow if you’re looking to survive in the world of Rust.

4 Best Beginner Tips for Rust

Rust is one of the more difficult survival games to get into, especially during the first few days and nights, which determine the rest of your journey. Therefore, it is very important to make those days count.

1. The Right Server

It is important to pick a server where the players you play with will be friendly. Since you will be interacting with others, it is important to know how they are going to interact. Hence, picking a server that is right for you is key.


The Official servers are the main game servers that have been active for a long time and will be filled with experienced players who have strong gear. This is where players will initially search, but it can be a mistake. In most cases, these experienced players are not helpful to newcomers.

Therefore, some may look to go to the Community servers, which have been opened up by community members. It is best to search for servers that have tags like “beginner”, which will have newer and more helpful players.

2. Collect Wood Fast

Wood is the most important resource that players will need at the beginning of their journey. Since you will need to make a starter base, a storage box, and a campfire, you can collect wood using anything that can help you hit a tree, like a rock. After getting 100 wood and 75 metal fragments, you can build a hatchet which will make your wood gathering faster and more efficient.

Screenshot 8

It is important to note that some trees and stronger hatchets give more wood than others. So until you get to that point, it is best to stick with a rock or a hatchet to get as many trees as you can to build a starter base.

3. Safe Place for a Base

It is important to build a base in a place that is safe from others. Getting your base looted can be a tough experience for beginners. Even in beginner-friendly servers, it is impossible to avoid players like this. So, it is vital to build your base in a secluded area where it becomes hard for others to locate you. After playing some more and becoming better equipped, you can move your base elsewhere to interact with others.

Usually, the best spots for these starter bases are deep inside forests with lots of cover. Also, try to build somewhere that is close to resources, so you have an easier time gathering and storing them.

4. Get a Sleeping Bag

A Sleeping Bag allows players to respawn at that location when they die. If you end up dying during your first hours into the game, then it is crucial to respawn at a safe spot where you can equip yourself fast. Without it, players will respawn back at the beach, and going back to your home can be quite difficult.

You will need 30 clothes to craft a Sleeping bag, which can be gathered from hemp bushes. Players will need three to get enough for a Sleeping Bag.

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