Thinking of Moving to the West Coast? Here Are 4 States to Consider

When most people think of Bellevue, they think of it as little more than a Seattle suburb. While Bellevue is part of the Seattle metropolitan region, it is a dynamic town in its own right, with a diverse population. Bellevue has consistently ranked towards the top of lists of wonderful places to live for years. The housing market is still on fire, despite the fact that Bellevue houses for sale are extremely pricey. People frequently associate the West Coast with California, but it is much more than that. Seattle, Portland, and the entire Pacific Northwest are just a few of the magnificent places that share the same seaboard. If you have ever thought of moving to the west coast, here are 4 states to consider.

  1. Oregon

Even if you like to live in a hamlet or city, there are lots of wide open landscapes and tiny towns where you may have enough space to yourself. Take, for example, the Baker City neighborhood. Oregon has some of the nicest beaches in the world. You’ll discover that the area is both magical and safe, allowing you to explore the Columbia River, the coast’s aquariums, and calm sections where just the wind and waves can be heard. 

If you live near a beach in Oregon, make a point of visiting Tillamook County’s cheese plant and dairy services. In Oregon, crab season is a unique time of year. Because of its abundance, many families choose Dungeness crab over ham or turkey for their holiday dinners. If the weather cooperates, the season begins the week following Thanksgiving, and you’ll discover that the cost of a nice supper in Oregon is surprisingly affordable. Many seafood selections, such as salmon, are more frequently accessible at lower prices than in the Plains or Midwest. Oregon gets a lot of rain. Occasionally, for days or weeks at a time. 

  1. California

Another significant advantage California has over other states is its abundance of sunshine and truly warm temperatures. Many people relocate 1000 miles or more in search of warmer weather, only to discover when it’s too late that where they relocated has very little warm weather. They frequently substituted a “too hot” condition for a “too cold” problem. Many people don’t realize it until it’s too late that they relocated to an area where heat and humidity are an issue virtually all year, not just during the summer. To afford living in California, you might consider finding a roommate in Los Angeles or San Diego.

  1. Washington

Washington State is awash with breathtaking natural splendor. Coastal beaches, fishing spots, various lovely parks, hiking paths, moss-covered rain forests, adventurous mountains, and crystal-clear lakes make up the area. This state also has 120 state parks, preserves, three national parks, recreation areas, and innumerable wilderness areas, in addition to such stunning scenery. With so many natural wonders, this state is abundant in clean water, which is a welcome addition in today’s polluted world. Residents of Washington State do not have to pay a corporation or personal income tax. According to a national Gallup study, inhabitants of Washington State are significantly happier and content with the amenities, opportunities, and natural beauty of the state, with the majority of residents rating it as the greatest or one of the best states to live in when compared to other states.

  1. Nevada

There’s no shortage of sunshine! In comparison to most places, Nevada offers considerably more sunny days and lower humidity to enjoy them. According to NOAA data, we’re in the top 10% of states. You’ll most likely pay lower taxes. Nevada residents currently have a low overall tax burden compared to most states, thanks to all of the tax revenue streaming into the state from casinos and tourism. According to the Tax Foundation, Nevada is one of the finest states to relocate to if you want to reduce your overall tax burden. It’s an excellent state for outdoor recreational activities! In Nevada, you’ll find world-class skiing. 


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