The difference between a term paper and an essay

The difference between a course paper and an abstract lies both in the volume of the document and in its content.

Abstract Features

An abstract is a theoretical work that includes the collection of information on a topic from various sources. The student only has to sum up all the collected opinions: divide the scientists’ assessments into groups, analyze the conflict of views and choose one side, explaining his choice. The volume of the document should not exceed 15 pages, including the title page and bibliography.

Coursework features

The difference between a term paper and an essay1

Course work includes the theoretical part of the abstract, separating it into a separate chapter. However, the most important component is the practical part. It is in the second chapter that research methods are applied to independently study a scientific problem.

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The volume of the coursework is no more than 35-40 pages. At the same time, unlike the abstract, it assumes the observance of a certain structure. We will talk about this further.

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How quickly can the theoretical part of any scientific work be completed?

It is enough to copy parts of the text from different sources, selected according to your topic. Then, in order to pass the originality test, you need to increase the uniqueness of the text.

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The difference between a term paper and a thesis is also both in volume and in purpose.

Coursework is carried out by the student every year, starting from the first or second year. It is included in the summer session and does not allow closing it if the supervisor does not approve the entire text.

A thesis is a final scientific work that is written after 4 years of study. Its volume exceeds the term paper and is about 60-90 pages, depending on the faculty.

The diploma shows the student’s competence as a specialist. The defense passes before the certification committee and allows you to get a bachelor’s degree

Simply put, what is a term paper?

  • This is a scientific study between an essay and a diploma. The course paper surpasses the abstract in terms of volume and practical value, but at the same time it is a preparatory stage for writing.
  • To understand how to quickly write a term paper, you need to know the correct structure of the study. The order of the elements is very important, it must be observed in every scientific work. Let’s take a look at it.
  • The title page is the front part of the course paper. Here you enter the name of the topic, the full name of the university, information about the student, as well as about the inspector.
  • The table of contents is a list with all the chapters and paragraphs listed, including the pages on which they appear.
  • The introduction is the first chapter that provides detailed information about the scientific study.
  • The main part is the study of the subject itself, which is divided into theoretical and practical chapters.
  • Conclusion is a summary in which you summarize the work done and describe the results obtained.
  • The list of references is a complete list of bibliographic sources that can be found on the topic. In the coursework it is required to designate at least 15-30 positions.
  • An application is a visual material that proves or confirms the conclusion of the researcher. It is not used in all works, only when necessary.


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