The Best Available Caravan Suspensions On The Market

If you are going to invest in a brand-new caravan for traveling in the outback, it’s important to have a proper suspension system. Caravans tend to be extremely happy. The last thing that you want to have to happen is to break down hundreds of miles away. It is for this reason that you should invest in caravan suspensions that are extremely well designed. One of the best sources for these suspension systems is Alpha Suspensions, a company that you can trust. Here is an overview of the many suspension systems that they currently have available.

Why You Can Trust These Suspension Systems

One of the main reasons that you can look forward to using these suspension systems on long-distance trips is because they have been independently tested by this company many times. They are designed for the Australian outback, primarily for semi-off-road and off-road excursions. If you are intent on exploring as much of the outback as possible, Alpha Suspensions is the business you should contact for the best systems on the market. They have multi-terrain suspension systems, which are very affordable, plus they have top bump stop capabilities.

The Alpha Extreme

This suspension system is designed for both caravans and trailers. It is not only reliable but very robust. For those that are looking forward to a week-long excursion, you will not have to worry while towing your caravan across the most rugged terrain imaginable. There really is no limit to what this can handle due to its unique design.

Ultra Duty Suspension Systems

This is designed for versatility, and is primarily used for semi off-road adventures. You will experience comfort and control once this is installed on your caravan. Transitioning from areas where you are on graded dirt roads to corrugated roads, you are not going to notice a difference. Without missing a beat, you will be back on the main road without a problem along the way.

Extreme Airbag Suspension

If you are looking for a premium solution that provides you with the best possible support and comfort, this airbag suspension system is the best in the industry. It can be raised on the left or right side, and with the push of a button, lowered into place. Whether you decide to ride higher, or low, it’s not going to matter how much the caravan will weigh. It is designed for safety, comfort, and reliability which is why so many people use this particular suspension system for their caravans and trailers today.

Install Their Hollow Beam Axle

Would you like to install a trouble-free axle that will offer maximum carrying capacity? This is what you will get when using this pristine system that is designed by the top manufacturers. Not only is it lightweight, but it is designed to last, which is why you may want to have this installed immediately.

All of these systems are available from Alpha Suspensions. If you are ready to go on a long excursion in the outback, these caravan suspension systems are certainly available. To see what other products are available today, visit their website at:


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