Specification Of a Nissan patrol platinum 2021 in dubai

Pre-planned planning is the key to saving unplanned expenses. When you are planning to travel, it is better to plan your trip. Renting a car beforehand makes it easy to travel. For renting a car in Dubai, there are different deals and offers available. You can rent it for an hour, day or month-based.

Dubai is a very developed country. That’s why it has many car rental services. All types of cars are available for monthly car rental in DubaiThe cars are of different characteristics. Different kinds of customers have a different kinds of needs. Either automatic or manual, luxury or simple, either it is a sports car.

The Nissan Patrol Platinum 2021 is a very comfortable big car. This type of car is very safe. You can use this car in the deserts. It is because this car is very powerful. It would be very best if you select this car for your journey to Dubai.

Specification Of Nissan Patrol Platinum 2021

The specification of this car is in the following sentence. It has an 18-inch Alloy wheel which prevents the wheel from rusting. It has an off-road bumper which allows this car to even go in the desert. It has also cruise control.


It has a petrol engine. Its capacity is 4.0. The maximum torque of this car is 394 and the Nm rpm is 4000. It has four-wheel drive. The maximum engine power of this car is 275 and hp rpm is 5600. The number of gear in its engine is 7. It has an automatic type of transmission.


The height of this car is 1940 mm. The length of this car with a pintle hook is 5315 mm. The width of this car is 1995 mm. The wheelbase of this car is 3075. The front and rear track are 1695 mm and the minimum ground clearance is 273 mm. it has a towing capacity of 2000 kg which is very advantageous. If the user wanted to tow some weight then he can do that too.

Seating Capacity 

The total no of seats in this car is 8. A family of 8 or 8 friends should prefer this car. The car is very spacious which is also an advantage of this car.

Audio And Entertainment

There are different systems in this car like FM, AM, CD, and AUX. it has a total of 4 speakers. It has also a Bluetooth system so you don’t have to connect with an AUX cable.

Safety And Security

This car has driver and passenger airbags. It has the hill descent control and hill start assist. It has the ABS and EBD systems. This car has also a limited-slip differential. It also has a front and rear parking sensor and rear differential locking. It also has a tire pressure monitoring system. It also has an automatic hazard warning signal. It has an immobilizer and alarm.

Seeing all the above specs this car is providing a lot of services. You don’t have to invest money in a taxi. You just have to select a car such as these. The tourist should select a car and should travel in style. The monthly car rental Dubai should be the best choice for every tourist.


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