Cultural aspects of Bhutan: Visit Bhutan with DrukAir tours and treks. 

Bhutan is a beautiful small country located in the Eastern Himalayas, between India and China. It is a landlocked nation of less than a million inhabitants and yet so rich in terms of its culture, tradition, and values.

Bhutan is known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. This is not only literal, describing thunderstorms as they roll in across the mountains, but also symbolic, referring to the strength and stability of the kingdom. Bhutan still retains much of its domestic lifestyle, largely unchanged from the time of its 16th-century unification, and is one of the few remaining Buddhist Monarchies in the world.

It has its own unique culture, which is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Bhutanese culture is deeply steeped in tradition and reverence for its spiritual heritage. Bhutan’s culture is something that has attracted many tourists to visit the country. Their virtues and lifestyle are a crucial part of their culture. 

And if you want to traverse Bhutan and its culture then we highly suggest you check out DrukAsia Tours and treks’.  They have this amazing package called Bhutan cultural tour package.

About DrukAsia : 

DrukAsia is a very renowned tour agency in Bhutan. They are also the representative of DrukAir Bhutan Airlines.

DrukAsia with the goal of providing quality service to its tourists started its journey in 2009. They are always trying their best to provide the best services with the most amazing tour guides. They are continuously working for the agency to improve and give their tourists comfort. 

They have so many tour packages to choose from. 

But if you are interested in Bhutan’s culture and its way of life we would highly suggest you take the Bhutan cultural packages. 

These packages are – 

7 days bhutan tour with Haa Valley – 

This tour is based on the green valley of Paro, their capital Thimphu and the old capital Punakha. 

8 days magical Bhutan travel plan – 

It covers from the East to the west side of Bhutan. Which beauty makes you fall like magic. 

11 day cultural tour travel plan – 

To witness paper making while trekking for a day to have a picnic on the side of a river. 

4 days discover Bhutan – 

Suitable for people short on time and budget but still will get to explore bhutan beautifully.  

15 days east to west cultural tour and flight to Yonphula – 

All of Bhutan’s tour places are covered and also include domestic flights in Bhutan.  

6 days 5 nights Chinese new year – 

Enjoy the Chinese new year while also getting the chance to explore Bhutan and its amusing beauty. 

7 days Bhutan glamping tour – 

Glamping is a term for glamorous camping. It is very popular among campers and travelers. 

DrukAsia also handles visas, Airplane tickets, and hotel stays. You can contact them and they will suggest the best for you. They will do the most work and you don’t even have to worry about your tour. They are best at their work. Visit their websites for more details. You won’t regret choosing them. 


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