Moving without stress – it is possible!

Almost all residential real estate transactions automatically involve moving. It is good when the purchase is made within the same city. But problems can arise when a young family with several children will have to move their possessions to another city or country. Let’s tell you how to move without much difficulty.

Think about packing in advance

Moving can be made more relaxed if you stock up on the necessary packing in advance. Traditionally, cardboard boxes of different sizes are used for moving, as well as bags and sacks. In addition, you’ll need duct tape, wrapping film, scissors, and Styrofoam. All this will help to pack things faster and keep particularly fragile items such as dishes or expensive household appliances. A large number of boxes are not always readily available, so it is best to start buying or packing them 5 to 7 days in advance.

All boxes should be taped in advance so that they don’t open at the most unexpected moment. A small amount of foam or newspaper should be placed on the bottom to avoid damaging things in transit. Usually, vibration during a trip can be significant, especially if the road is not too good. Styrofoam will protect fragile items. All voids in the boxes should be filled as much as possible. If there is space left over, it can be stuffed with personal items or small items. Bags will be needed to carry clothes.

Of course, all this will take quite a lot of time, so we advise you to use the services of companies moving.  You can save not only time, but also energy. When choosing these or those specialists, it is important to be guided by existing reviews or recommendations from your friends and acquaintances.

Getting rid of unnecessary things

When moving you should take only the most necessary things with you, otherwise there will be a temptation to take the entire apartment. Therefore, going through your own belongings and clothes, part with your favorite things as calmly as possible. If things haven’t been used for 6 months or more, they can be safely left behind. In addition, some of the personal belongings can be distributed to relatives or friends, and some can be sold through popular websites or social networks. So you can not only get rid of unnecessary things, but even earn some money. In addition, you do not have to spend time packing things and puzzle over where to store it all in the new house. This is especially important for those who are moving from a large house to a compact version. In this case, it is perfectly justified to get rid of 30-50% of things. After all, in the new apartment or house there will simply be nowhere to store them.

Important little things

Moving without stress it is possible1

In order to spend less time unpacking and unpacking things, you should prepare your future home before you move. Before loading, you should visit the apartment or house and plan everything out. Particular attention should be paid to door and window openings. In addition, you need to measure the height and width of the door to the entryway, as well as on the landing if it is an upper floor. Bulky furniture may simply not fit through the door. Then it will have to be donated to someone or sold on the spot. In the new house, you need to free up all the space for unobstructed entry of bulky furniture. In addition, you need to prepare things that are already in the apartment and, if necessary, pack them. Before you bring things into the apartment, you should perform a general cleaning.

  • On moving day, you should be prepared for things not to go according to plan. It may take a little longer to drive around the city during rush hours. To reduce stress levels and not be nervous, you can ask friends or relatives for help. It doesn’t hurt to have someone to oversee the loading and unloading of things. The help of a friend can also come in handy to help the owner bring large items into the apartment or house.
  • Pets should be moved last, after the main things have been unloaded and put in their places. In an unfamiliar home, a cat or dog may not behave appropriately. The new environment will be stressful for the pet, so it is important to stock up on good food, bring his or her personal belongings, bowl and toilet. The pet’s native scent will allow it to get over the stressful situation more quickly and adapt.

To make moving stress-free, we recommend the market-leading company Urmove. Professionals will save you time and move all your belongings safe and sound.


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