Must Have Travel Accessories to Carry For Long Flights

Have you ever felt stuck in an airplane during a long journey across continents and oceans? Are you a frequent traveler? If yes, then this article is for you. Many people dread those 14 or more hours stuck in an airplane cabin with cramped spaces. But, of course, reaching the destination is a relief during those times despite the accompanying jet lag because they can finally sleep in the comfort of a good bed. Additionally, the long layovers are also somewhat manageable if flyers buy a lounge pass to relax and eat their favorite food. However, the long flight after that is where the discomfort begins.

Imagine being stuck in your narrow and uncomfortable chair (if you are traveling economy), unable to stretch your legs, and having nothing to do. In addition, even if you are not traveling alone, there is nothing fun to do at more than 30,000 feet above the ground. Yeah, that sounds distressing even to imagine! Wonder how people get through it in real? Oh, right, they must be traveling accompanied by their favorite airplane travel accessories. These simple yet unique tools can make those long flights more tolerable and comfier. They range from neck pillows, disposable toothbrushes, and eye masks to cozy socks, power banks, and headphones. Thus, it will be easier to pass the time if you board a long-haul airplane armed with these travel gadgets. So, we have listed below the most efficient, essential, and top picks of travel gadgets required during a long flight for you.

Neck pillows


It is impossible to travel without at least a nap or two during the journey. Plus, sleep is necessary for your body to feel even a bit rested. However, sleeping in an airplane is much more complicated than it sounds with cramped seats without sufficient space for your legs, arms, or head. But, if you have a travel pillow at hand, there is no need to fret. These pillows are U-shaped, designed to fit your neck and support your lolling head, neck, and shoulders while dozing. In addition, they are made of memory foam, holding your neck and supporting your shoulders for a reasonable period. Plus, it adjusts itself to any sleeping position. Also, it keeps the heat away from the neck and prevents sweating. Conclusively, a neck pillow is your best travel buddy on long flights for sleeping comfortably without a crick in your neck.

Eye masks

Eye masks

An eye mask is one of other essential travel accessories a passenger must carry with their cabin luggage for a comfortable sleep. It is excellent to get some much-needed shut-eye during a long-hour flight. In addition, many airlines offer eye masks to their passengers. But, they are not as comfortable as they are difficult to adjust to your head size. And these eye masks are flimsy and do not block out light adequately. Therefore, it is best to pack one that suits your size and completely blocks any light. Plus, some eye masks are made of silk and are fully adjustable. Thus, you can log in extended sleep hours and feel rested during your flight. But, an eye mask doesn’t protect you from getting jet-lagged. What a bummer!

Noise-canceling headphones


One of the most annoying things about traveling by airplane is the engine noise. The insistent buzz keeps ringing in your ears even after landing and boarding off. Additionally, even if you have a travel pillow or an eye mask, it is difficult to sleep peacefully with that noise. So, to avoid that, you need to invest in some excellent quality noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. But, headphones are better because they are helpful if you are watching a movie on board or want to curb your travel anxiety by listening to soothing tracks. Besides that, noise-canceling headphones also mute the continuous activity in an airplane – people chatting, children crying, cabin crew talking, etc. Also, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks and kill some time doing something fun while traveling. The point is that noise-canceling headphones are worth every cent.

Entertainment gadgets


Okay, so killing time on a long-haul flight is not an easy task. Besides, there is only so much reading a book, listening to music, or watching on-board movies a person can tolerate. Thus, it becomes necessary to have various other things to keep yourself entertained and engaged. And entertainment gadgets like a Kindle or a Nintendo Switch are some of the excellent ways to do so. On the one hand, an Amazon Kindle offers so many options to read if you are a reader – mystery, crime, romantic, adventurous, horror, or biographical stories without stuffing various novels and filling up your cabin bag.

On the other hand, if you are a gamer, then a Nintendo is just what you need to kill time while playing your favorite titles. Apart from them, there are other travel accessories too, such as a tablet for watching movies or series, working on an assignment, etc. All you need to do is pre-install or pre-download a game, document, movie, or book and enjoy your flight. But, there is the risk of running out of battery.

Power banks


If you are traveling with entertainment gadgets and forgot to charge them or even your smartphone at the last minute, then a power bank is your best travel buddy. It is one of the best travel accessories for long-hour flights to listen to music or audiobooks, watch movies, or play games uninterrupted. Fortunately, many flights offer USB chargers. But, it is safe to travel with a power bank in case of emergencies.


It is impossible not to plan 14-hours (or more) long flight journeys without some much-needed airplane travel accessories. You need to prepare beforehand and figure out what you will need to travel as comfortable as possible. The above-mentioned travel gadgets are the top picks and the best. But, there are other necessary items too that you can pack in your cabin luggage like extra pair of clothing, disposable toothbrush, compression socks, an airplane armrest and footrest, water bottle, sanitizer, moisturizer, lip balm, tissues, etc. The list is endless, even more so if you are traveling with a kid.

Babies require a lot of stuff in general and more so when traveling. Therefore, you cannot simply board a long-haul airplane without all the necessary baby travel accessories. Otherwise, you are bound for a hell of a ride, that’s for sure. Unlike adults, babies or kids get bored during long flights, and to convey their displeasure; there is only one thing they do – cry. Besides annoying other passengers on board, it is not suitable for their health. Fortunately, little kids can be entertained with movies, games, or stories. But what about toddlers or infants? Hence, it is necessary to board an airplane with these fantastic baby travel accessories. It includes a comfortable sleep sack, portable cradle, white noise machine, nursing cover, etc. Trust us; you need them!

So, these travel gadgets are a must for a pleasant, comfortable, long flight journey. Additionally, they do not take much space and are easy to carry. Hence, the next time you board a long-hour plane, pack some of these accessories. To discover more tech gadgets, you can visit GadgetAny and follow for tech updated and reviews. We assure you, it will be worth it! Bon voyage!


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