Your San Diego Bucket List for 2023

There are many good reasons that San Diego is one of the top destinations in the United States. The weather is pleasant practically year-round. There are hundreds of activities in the area, both indoors and out. Whether you enjoy history, science, nature or cultural events, you’ll find something for everyone in the family. Whale watching San Diego December is one of the most popular activities after the holiday events. Here are a few other options for your bucket list.

Explore the Beaches

San Diego has over 70 miles of coastline. If it’s been a few years since you’ve visited different beaches, make this year your time to try surfing, paddle-boarding and snorkeling. Visit the tide pools as an adult to learn more about the local marine life. Play volleyball on the beach. Rent a tandem bicycle and ride along the coast at sunset to take in a new view of the ocean. A bucket list doesn’t have to be the ultimate experience, just a new experience that makes you smile.

Yacht Charter Whale Watching

If you’ve never experienced a whale watching yacht charter, this has to be on your bucket list. San Diego is one of the best places in the world to see whales and other marine wildlife. There’s even dog friendly whale watching, so you can give your dog a new experience while you’re learning more about the ocean and its importance for everyone, not just those who live on the coast.

Family Bonding Activities

Balboa Park hosts some of the best San Diego activities, starting with the San Diego Zoo, but it also has a host of other museums and outdoor facilities. If you’ve never explored San Diego history, put the San Diego Natural History Museum on your bucket list. Get your kids interested in science and math at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Sports and Entertainment

Get tickets to see the Padres this summer. There’s something special about a Major League baseball game that you can’t enjoy watching it on television. Take a catamaran cruise around the harbor or rent an eco-pedal boat to get out on the water. Go downtown and rent a GoCar to tour the area. Hike up Cowles Mountain for some of the best scenery in San Diego. Get out and do something fun and exciting.

Take a Culinary Tour

San Diego’s cuisine is influenced by the ocean and both Mexican and American cultures. It’s said to be the home of the California burrito, which is stuffed with fried and carne asada. There are dozens of great locations to visit in San Diego to taste the best the ocean has to offer. Make a California taco crawl your goal. Don’t just try the regular tacos, but look for tacos out of the ordinary. Lamb barbacoa or marlin tacos are just two of the excellent options in San Diego.

Make plans for one of the best San Diego whale watching tours to get the dates that fit your visit. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


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