Enhance Your Vehicle Safety – Top Five Car Tracking Apps for Android

Let’s admit it, at least once in our lives, we all have forgotten where we parked our car – let it be any stadium, cinema, or even our local coffee shop. Although it is not a random occurrence, still it is always better to keep a track of where your car is. It saves you from a lot of hassle of roaming unnecessarily into the parking lots.

Interestingly, Android understands your parking concerns – it offers you a wide range of reliable, and secure parking apps that help you to keep a track of your vehicles. In this article, we have come up with our top picks of car tracking apps for all your Android gadgets.  Let’s check them out!

  1. GPS Route Founder

GPS Route Founder is probably the most popular vehicle tracking app for your Android gadget. Its light and easy-to-use navigation features make it an ideal choice for users that are looking for feasible car tracking options. Now you can easily keep a track of your parked vehicles, and find out about various routes in your city. The app provides you with detailed maps to find your way out in case of emergencies.

The best part is that GPS Route Founder is absolutely free – Android doesn’t charge you with even a single penny to download this wonderfully robust app. As soon as you download it from the Google Play Store, you can immediately get your hands on it.

Key Features

  • GPS, instant tracking of various roads, and bicycle and car routes.
  • Track your drivers, friends, or even family members at the nearest spots easily.
  • Includes responsive navigation features, several types of maps, street names, shop details, etc.
  • Supports voice navigation too.

GPS Route Founder has several other features too that are worth trying. However, as this app is available on the Google Play Store, you need to ensure having a high-speed and stable internet connection at home before downloading it. For ultimate feasibility, you can always opt for fast internet connections like CenturyLink internet which supports prompt downloading, browsing, and surfing 24/7.

The best part is that CenturyLink offers incredibly affordable internet packages to all its users, starting from $50 per month only. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. GPS Vehicle Tracker – EverTrack

If you are somehow associated with workforce tracking or fleet management, then GPS Vehicle Tracker might be the choice for you. With this high-end, responsive app, now you can easily identify the correct location of your stuffed car or any other vehicle. Also, the app provides you with the exact time of your vehicle’s arrival, and your family members’ location too.

Key Features

  • It features a global worldwide tracking system for your parked vehicles.
  • User-friendly navigation features and fast processors.
  • Specifically designed for Workforce training and Fleet Management.
  • Also offers mileage tracking features.
  • Tracks important nearby locations like schools, hospitals, universities, eateries, bus stops, etc.
  1. Automatic GPS

Automatic GPS has been specifically designed for office management use. However, it can also be used by other people. Due to its high ratings and battery-friendly features, this app is a total hit among users.

It enables you to keep a track of your overall mileage without sucking out the extra battery from your phone.

Key Features

  • Allows you to share your location with your family members and friends.
  • Keeps a track of your previously searched locations.
  • Features a global worldwide tracking system for your parked vehicles.
  • To add an extra layer of security and protection, the app consists of a HUD speedometer too.
  • This app is especially useful for Lyft or Uber drivers, Sales Agents, Real Estate Representatives, photographers, etc.
  1. GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking is another super-efficient, robust, and user-friendly app for car tracking users. Its high-end tech features and responsive design helps the users to keep a track of even the slightest movement of their cars. Needless to say, this adds to the safety and security of your parked vehicles.

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Key Features

  • Allows live vehicle tracking and mileage count.
  • Helps you to pinpoint a specific location.
  • Efficiently monitors your fuel consumption, and enables odometer reading without any hassle.
  • Does not take much storage space.
  • Monitors your vehicles’ battery voltage and its live location.
  • Helps you find the nearest bars, restaurants, schools, parks, and clinics instantly.
  1. Family Locator- GPS Tracker

Family Locator is probably the most reliable and easy-to-use vehicle tracking app by Life 360, which has been specifically designed for families. Now you can easily keep a track of your loved ones, no matter wherever they are.

The app features a simple, yet elegant display – it has absolutely gorgeous features.

Just like GPS Vehicle Tracker, Family Locator is also pretty light in weight and does not occupy much storage in your smartphone. Also, the app offers you a premium version too which features several extraordinarily powerful tracking options.

Key Features

  • Enables you to find your family members’ and driver’s vehicle locations from a good distance.
  • Consists of easy-to-use and battery-saving features.
  • Automatic phone permission is included, so it’s pretty easy to share live locations with your contacts too.
  • Allows you to track your mileage, and fuel consumption.
  • Helps you to identify your nearby locations easily.


In a Nutshell

The above-mentioned Android apps are our best picks for several types of car tracking users. However, we suggest you enjoy a couple of apps together as it will help you to identify the top features, specifications, and functions of each app.

Just in case, none of these apps ring your bell, then feel free to reach out to Google Play Store or official Android websites to check out the customer reviews, ratings, and comments of other applications. Finally, before you begin your browsing, just remember that you are going to need a high-speed, and robust internet connection like CenturyLink to enjoy faster loading of your webpages without usual network congestion or lagging.

If you wish to order a new internet connection for yourself, simply reach out to CenturyLink customer service helpline and connect with their customer services representative.

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