Repair of the external walls of the house

Facade repair – restoration or reconstruction of old coatings, as well as a complex of facade works to replace external wall decoration technologies of private houses, administrative buildings, industrial complexes and residential buildings.

We do not consider the option of new construction (you can read about the technologies for creating building facades on other pages of our website). Reconstruction of facades involves working with the existing defects of the building walls, the consequences of poorly executed facade works, and the results of the operation of the facade over a certain period.

Sacramento siding contractors single out three main problems of the condition of the facade, which needs reconstruction.

  1. Poor performance of related works or improper operation of the building.

There are many harmful and aggressive factors affecting the condition of building facades. These are temperature fluctuations, frost and wind, ultraviolet light and oxides, exhaust gases and dirt, microorganisms, etc. The facade is “afraid” of water. Water destroys the facade quickly, and in combination with weather conditions in Russia (numerical zero crossings) even faster. Therefore, first of all, in order not to constantly repair the facade, it is necessary to ensure the absence of water access to the facade of the building and inside the system. We are not talking about “slanting rain”. And we are talking about the roof, parapet covers, low tides on cornices and window low tides, impeccably executed basement waterproofing and proper operation of the building in the winter period, control of gutters, etc.

  1. The quality of work is the quality of materials.

Materials. Naturally, saving on materials shortens the service life of the facade. But, in our opinion, this is not the main problem of repairing the facade of a cottage or an administrative building, although it is also significant. Because a professional will refuse to work with low-quality or “weak” material. We have vast experience in repairing facades of buildings. And this experience says – WE are responsible for everything. Even for the Customer. We don’t want that, believe me. Imagine how you can be responsible for the Customer if he is a year old! installs parapet covers, and the already installed facade suffers, water enters it. Therefore, we simply do not undertake to work when the selected materials or technologies do not lead to a high-quality result. So, this is not our object, not our Customer, not our philosophy.

  1. The quality of the work is the qualification of the builders.

It is impossible to do well what you do not know how to do, or do rarely. Interior specialists who believe that the repair of the facades of residential buildings and the repair of premises are the same thing, drive internal grids, plaster putty into the facade system, confuse technologies, etc. Companies and crews that do not cope with the organization of work save on everything. They hire unskilled workers, do not have ITP on staff, and simply do not like this work, do not know how, and most importantly, do not want to spend time-solving problems. Everyone makes mistakes, it is almost impossible to take into account and predict everything (try to take into account the shrinkage coefficient of the building, if “bent” beacons are found in the basement of the building during the examination of the facade – more than one facade insulation system will not withstand, no matter how well you did it) – but the question in how we solve problems, how we worry about the result of work, and how much effort we put into it.

Types of repair


  1. Cosmetic repair of facades – Easy renewal of the “freshness” of the facade. Sew up cracks, putty, and paint the facade. Sometimes, to seriously increase the maintenance-free service life of the facade, it is possible to use separate processes from SFTK technologies – the application of reinforcing adhesive compositions and finishing plasters.
  2. Overhaul of building facades – Complete renovation of the facade. Dismantling and repetition of old facade decoration technologies, but with the use of modern materials and a different quality of construction work or the use of new technologies on facades – insulation of facades with SFTK systems, hinged facades, reconstruction of facades with a change in the architectural appearance of the building. The type of repair is determined by the condition of the facade and the presence of damage.

The main stages of facade repair

  1. Examination of the condition of the facade.

An important and responsible stage. Damage to the walls is revealed. Previous technologies and reasons affecting the quality of facade operation are determined, which must be eliminated in the future.

Design documentation helps to establish the facade technologies of a specific building, understand the pie of the walls, determine the list of hidden works, and suggest the use of specific materials. Unfortunately, customers often do not have documentation on the installation of facades for one reason or another. Therefore, it is necessary to involve additional expert organizations and research laboratories.

At this stage, the quality of the roof, gutter systems, parapet covers and drains, the work of related organizations (for example, air conditioning), and the work of operating organizations are also checked.

  1. Determination of technologies, materials and architectural solutions for repairing the old facade and creating a new one.

Based on examination data and examination of the facade, recommendations of technical experts, the requirements of the Customers, and the technologies for repairing the facades of residential and administrative buildings are determined. These can be works on local elimination of remarks, repetition of previous facade repair technologies, but with modern materials by a competent construction organization specializing only in facade repairs. Or the use of new technologies and solutions to create a different architectural facade. The choice of low-quality materials, inappropriate technologies, replacement of design solutions and simply the lack of competence of construction participants when erecting a new facade or repairing it lead to a short service life of the facade.

  1. Repair of the facade the house

All work on the repair of external walls and reconstruction must be carried out by the approved and agreed technical instructions, design solutions, an Album of technical solutions and instructions of the material supplier. The entire process of facade works will be reflected in the work execution log with the marks of the customer’s inspection services and technical supervision. Require all participants in the process (including customers) to perform the necessary operations (installation of windows, installation of the roof, parapets, electricity, etc.).


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