How To Successfully Clear The CBAP Examination And Give Wings To Your Career

Just like you begin preparation for any exam out there, you should begin with knowing about the examination in the first step. You should start looking for the pattern of the examination and the syllabus, and other related terms to the CBAP exam. The important point is to look for the eligibility criteria and check if you qualify for all the metrics. If not, then first pass all those criteria and then begin your preparations. This will help you to plan your preparation accordingly. Let us look for further steps to clear the Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) exam.

  • Accumulation of resources for your preparation:

You will begin by collecting resources for your preparation for the CBAP exam. The most important resource for this exam is the “Business Analysis Body of Knowledge” (BABoK). It is the most important guide for the CBAP exam. Many students who have cleared this certification exam call this book to be the bible for the preparation. Considering the length of the BABoK, which makes it quite impossible to complete the book, you can buy a summarized version of it.

This being said, it is equally important for the one preparing for an exam not to just cram the BABoK but try to understand the concept given in it. You must go through the case studies and other mechanics mentioned in the book. The summarized guide will assist you in understanding those complex topics easily, given its easy language. Only depending upon your business analysis career to clear the exam might just not be enough. It is a big advantage, but you must understand that you might not have applied all the important concepts mentioned in BABoK in your career. Hence it becomes important to prepare from BABoK thoroughly.

  • Enrolment in EEP for a CBAP training:

EEP stands for an endorsed education provider. Joining an EEP for an offline or online program will provide you with 35 hours of compulsory professional Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP) Training. CBAP preparation courses are prepared by experienced business analysts, and these programs are updated with the latest versions of BABoK and are according to the latest pattern of the exam. These programs provide you with more knowledge that you might not be able to grasp preparing at your own end. The presence of mentors in these programs that guide you throughout your preparation is priceless. CBAP certification training is most important for your career.

  • Trying out CBAP simulators:

You can put yourself in a real exam like environment when you practice the CBAP simulation tests online. Though you get specific questions in your guide, practicing the simulation test is more beneficial. It gives you the idea of time management while solving the questions. These simulators are usually of 120 questions and are set up according to the right format and right difficulty level simulating the actual exam. Solving a few sets of these simulation tests will help to enhance your preparations.

  • Grouping with CBAP aspirants:

This might not count to be a proper step, but you can try to group or connect yourself with people who are also as serious as you are about the CBAP preparation. It can be through social sites or in your topportal locality. This helps to share common ideas, solve problems and develop healthy competition.

  • The Area of Focus:

Requirement Analysis and design definition” is the section of the syllabus that cover about 30% of the total questions. So, it becomes important to lay extra focus on this section. Other areas carry about 12% to 15% of total questions.

  • Skipping the difficult questions:

It has been observed that the CBAP question paper has a few difficulties to start with. It is to test the mindset of candidates if they manage their time properly to tackle the difficult question and complete the exam as well. Skipping such questions would not affect your chances of qualifying for the exam. You must learn to clear these questions.

  • Solving the case studies:

Solving the case studies could be time-consuming in the CBAP exam. Hence it is advised to just look through the case study quickly and then move to the questions, read them and then come back to the case study to look for the answer. This will allow you to skip the worthless text given in the case study since it contains a large amount of irrelevant information. With this, you can easily achieve Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification.


Certified business analysis professional salaries

Job Title Range Average
Business analyst (banking) 443k-2M rupees 885,098 rupees
Business analyst 274k-1M rupees 900,000 rupees
Business consultant 302k-3M rupees 1,147,826 rupees

Salaries and ranges are annual.


We hope that with the above information, you will be able to clear the CBAP exam. We also suggest you give time-bounded mocks and check out old question papers as they might turn out to be helpful for you. Get in touch with us if you have any more queries.


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