Harness lingerie: Guide to femininity by Obsessharness

A woman is fickle by nature, which means she is prone to experiments. This applies not only to appearance, but also to clothing. Here, women’s fantasy is where to roam: skirts, dresses, shorts, lingerie … Yes, yes, underwear. It will be discussed in our article.

In the modern world of tolerant existence of subcultures, female emancipation and creativity, experiments have not bypassed this element of women’s wardrobe. In addition to the usual materials and fabrics (silk, satin, cotton, brocade, synthetics), other materials are also in vogue – natural leather, leatherette, silicone, soft mesh, various eco-materials. They, of course, add unusualness to the design and help to emphasize the female curves, reveal sexuality and add a special charm to the appearance. Genuine leather has taken a special place among other materials. She burst into almost all the details of a feminine image, from outerwear to lingerie. A special place in it belongs to the harness lingerie.

Probably, the reason for this is our consciousness. A woman in a harness and leather accessories is perceived as strong, bold, self-confident. This especially contrasts with the softness of female nature, giving the image militancy and authority.

Advantages of lingerie leather

What made leather underwear so popular among women and girls? The answer is simple: it magically gives its owner sexuality and courage. Even if you are not sure about the ideality of your natural forms, leather sexy lingerie is still able to “smooth out” the flaws in your figure, give playfulness and excitement. It helps to highlight your charisma and courage, pushing aside insecurity and insecurities.

The very magic of leather underwear is probably in our associative thinking. After all, Greek warrior goddesses, Amazons, warlike divas, and maybe soft cat women appear in our imagination in open bold leather underwear.

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Bodices that accentuate the breasts with interlaced straps and chains, loincloths that hug the feminine curves… it’s bold, sexy, fantastic. In her heart, every woman wants to feel like a mythical conquering goddess, a vamp, and maybe a charming cat.

Summing up the above, we can safely draw conclusions about the appropriateness of Sexual harness leather lingerie in your wardrobe:

  • add to you self-confidence, focus on charisma;
  • awakens the instincts of a female-goddess, female-conqueror, female-cat;
  • gives charm, sexuality and reveal the dignity of the figure, hiding its shortcomings;
  • emphasizes every curve of the body, setting the right accents.

How to choose your perfect set

To achieve the above effects and “nice bonuses” from wearing and using women’s leather underwear, you need to choose it correctly, do not ignore the rules and advice.

When choosing the first set of leather underwear, be sure to try it on, and if you buy in an online store, carefully follow the measurement instructions. Also, when trying on the finished product, pay attention that the linen should not hang down, bulge, squeeze the body, or gather into ugly folds.

Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the presence of adjustable straps and buckles. In this case, putting on the set, you will get the effect you need, give the image a touch of playfulness and sex appeal.

Now leather underwear is a huge field of designers’ imagination, and our creative specialists from the fashion industry of the Obsessharness brand are ready to please you with interesting models for every taste and color.

Below we have selected the most interesting options for you:

  • Open leather underwear. Suitable if you want to surprise your partner. Leather panties and an open bra will add playfulness to your look. If you are open to role-playing, then panties with slits in intimate places will add intrigue to your romantic mood.
  • Underwear with a bandage. Bandage outfits are suitable for everyone, both girls with a thin physique and girls with curvaceous shapes. Here you can limit yourself to the classic version or choose models with lace inserts, lacing or other decorative elements.
  • Leather underwear with lacing. A decorative “lacing” element often adorns the front of the panty or bodice. Such a detail allows the imagination to run wild and adds zest to your feminine look.
  • Leather underwear with a zipper. Lightning can also be used as a decoration for underwear, this is creative, since designers often place it in the most unexpected places. Which one this time? Let your partner find it.

How to wear

Such underwear adheres to the body like a second skin, so it should sit comfortably and comfortably on you. Choose a set of bras and panties so that they do not squeeze the body, digging into it, but also do not slip off at the piquant moment. Underwear should emphasize your beauty and desirability, and not focus on its shortcomings.

If you have a curvaceous figure and you feel uncomfortable in revealing underwear, pick up a wide top with closed panties. You can also buy a bra and panties as a set or separately.

The main thing is that things fit together and adorn your body. In addition to the lingerie set, you can choose a bondage lingerie with stockings, bunny bondage, strapon harness, collars slave or women choker to complete the image of the seductress.

Leather underwear is generally not designed to be worn every day. But if you have a reason to surprise your partner and emphasize your sexuality, then it will become a great helper in role-playing games to know the depths of your courage and unbridledness.

Obsessharness branded products come with beautiful stylish boxes in which you can store the purchased leather set.

Why you should pay attention to Obsessharness products:

  1. We control the quality of all materials and do not allow defects.
  2. High quality natural leather – work only with trusted Italian material suppliers.
  3. We use only high-quality durable accessories – spikes, rivets and buckles don’t stain clothes, do not shed, do not break, do not peel off.
  4. We deliver worldwide, and the lead time is 5-7 days.
  5. We will create an individual model for you according to your design and features.


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