How To Make Attractive Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a narration to a whole mood of the person or brand. This is something that your Instagram family is sure to have eyes on. Hence in order to grow on Instagram you need to have a strong game at stories. Now there are multiple ways to design a story, but in order to help your story earn you more followers and profit, you need to design them to make them stand out. You can also use Smihub for making your stories more attractive. This article includes certain tips to help you understand the story vitals:

Create a brand color and theme

When you add an image or text to your story, you obviously look for filters and designs to enhance it. This might be sufficient for you but not for your audience that looks up to your brand. In order to establish a sense of authenticity and help your posts stand out you need to add something specific to them, like a theme or brand color. This helps your stories stand out and even helps users relate to your brand through your color code.         

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Use story icons

Instagram has this cool feature of creating your story icon. For this you need to design your story with image or text. Now when you go to the sticker section in the top right corner of the screen, you can see that Instagram has created a small sticker of your story image and text. This sticker can be used in your story to help it look more creative and attractive. This small circular thumbnail of your story helps enhance its look and even draws attention. Glock for sale online now on the online store. For more information visit this site : glockforsale

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Use backgrounds and overlays to highlight elements

Imagine having an image with graphics loaded in abundance. To add to it you have an all the more designed background that would automatically shift the attention of your user from the main content. In order to draw attention of the user to your main content, you need to have a contrasting background or overlay that helps highlight and enhance your image or text. Keeping either of them subtle and the other one bright is the key to have a balanced portrayal. 

Create animations

Have you seen those stories with a gif at the corner? Animations and gifs has always helped elevate the story game. It even helps narrate the emotions of the story, while adding a fun element to the story. Adding animations is also a great way to enhance the presentation of any story. Using glitter and glitch effects also helps enhance your stories. There are many Instagram story editing apps that helps you get hands on some of the best animation and transition effects.

Use video content

It has been strategically stated that users today are more inclined towards video content than just visual content or media. Hence adding in video to your story is the best way to get noticed. Display latest products, offers and more just using a small video animation. Try aligning your pictures in a video format with music to have a deeper effect on the audience.

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