Detailed instructions on how to play blackjack game

Blackjack is a very popular card game in Vietnam today. To create more convenience for players, online blackjack was born. With this form of play, players can freely play this game anytime, anywhere. If you are not familiar with this card game, please follow the article on how to play the blackjack game below to understand all about this card game.

Introduction to online blackjack

Blackjack is an extremely attractive and easy to play card game. This card game is played with a 52 card deck. As for blackjack, you can participate when there are from 2 to 6 players. Each player is dealt 2 cards and the game begins. After the end, everyone will compare points to determine the winner

Currently, in order to limit barriers to movement, security, privacy, etc. Online blackjack was born, helping players participate more conveniently. Not only with special features, incentives and promotions. Online blackjack helps players participate in online betting with real people. Enjoy a classy casino experience without leaving the house

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Blackjack game rules

If you want to master the game of blackjack, you must know the rules of this game

  1. Use a 52-card Western deck
  2. The number of participants is from 2 to 6 people
  3. Each player will be dealt 2 cards
  4. When it’s their turn, the player will draw venom cards to get enough points. The number of points required is about 21 points, the maximum should be 21 points. The closer the player’s score is to 21, the higher the probability of winning

The rules of online blackjack are similar to those of traditional blackjack

How to calculate points in blackjack game

Here is the way to calculate the score in the blackjack game, please pay attention to follow

  1. Cards from 2 to 10 will be equal to the value on that card
  2. The J, Q, and K cards are worth 10 points
  3. Ace card (A) is counted as 10 or 11 points depending on the case
  4. Blackjack: In case there are 2 or more Ace cards
  5. Blackjack: 1 ace card (A) combined with a J, Q or K . card
  6. Five spirits: When there are 5 cards but still not enough 21 points

After the end of the game, the player will compare the cards with the dealer, the side with the higher score will win the game.

Some terms in the blackjack game

In the game of blackjack, there are a few terms that players need to keep in mind

  1. Draw: Draw more cards to get enough points, you can only draw 1 card at a time
  2. Stop: Also known as cursing, it means not drawing any more cards
  3. Double: Double your bet and draw 1 more card
  4. Split: If the first two cards are the same, the dealer will split. Form two separate hands, bets on each hand will be kept as original. In addition, the dealer will deal a second card to each hand
  5. Insurance: If the dealer has an ace face-up card, he can choose insurance. At that time, the player has the right to choose whether to bet again or not

Knowing these terms makes it easier for you to participate in blackjack online

Cases of scoring in blackjack game

Finally, you will need to know when your work will be scored. In online blackjack, there are many different scoring cases. Knowing this content helps you better understand the rules of the game

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  1. In case of a tie: When the player and the dealer have the same number of points. Or both the dealer and the player squawk (over 21 points). At that time, the bet will remain the same, the player does not lose the bet
  2. In case the dealer and the player both have poker, the dealer wins
  3. If the dealer and the player both have blackjack, the dealer is still the winner.
  4. The dealer’s card is blackjack, the player has blackjack, the player wins. Otherwise, the house will win
  5. If the dealer and the player both get five spirits, whoever has the lower score wins

Detailed instructions for playing blackjack game

To better prepare for blackjack games, you need to practice in advance at the free tables or play with friends. Here we will guide you through the most detailed steps and stages of blackjack. Everyone, please keep an eye on it


Stage 1: When participating in the table, all players will place bets. After the betting period ends, the dealer will start dealing cards. Each player will be dealt 2 cards face down, the dealer will turn 1 card face up. Players will score their cards to see if they qualify. If less than 16 points, the player will proceed to draw more cards

In this case, if the dealer has blackjack or blackjack, the house will no longer draw cards. The dealer wins and the bet ends. In the case of your family, someone is entitled to blackjack or blackjack, you do not need to draw cards

Stage 2: In case the player does not have enough points, he will continue to draw cards. Each player will have a maximum of 3 draws, which means only 5 cards in a game. Thus, the following cases will occur

  • Non: The lesson is less than 16 points
  • Enough: Hand has a score of 16 to 20 points
  • Quiz: A hand exceeding 21 points is considered a loss

After two stages, the player will begin to check the cards. Whoever’s hand has the higher value will win and win the bet

Instructions to participate in the game of blackjack

If players want to participate in blackjack, just follow our detailed instructions below.

  1. Log in to your account at the bookie system. If you do not have an account, click Register and follow the instructions
  2. At the game lobby, click on the card game and choose blackjack
  3. Next, choose a table and place a bet to play at this game

So, with just 3 basic steps, you can participate in blackjack at our house.

Above is the information on how to play, the rules of blackjack game extremely detailed. Hopefully with our detailed sharing, players can have a better understanding of this card game

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