Do You Need Twitter Accounts? A Short Guide

Do you have a lot of followers on social media? Do they come from your blog, Facebook page, or Instagram? Consider getting a Twitter account for your business too. Often it is tough to get followers on a new account. There is a lot of old twitter accounts for sale on the internet. In this article, I will help you to find a reliable source for that purpose.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging platform. It allows users to share short messages called tweets. Twitter does not require registration, unlike Facebook or Instagram. You only need a phone number and a computer or smartphone.

Why Choose Twitter?

There are many reasons to create Twitter accounts. I’ll list some of them here.

  • Connect potential customers.

Twitter gives you a chance to connect with potential customers. Through Twitter, companies can interact with their target audience in real-time. Businesses can respond immediately. They don’t have to wait for customer feedback.

  • Get traffic for your site. 

Twitter can also drive traffic back to your website. Twitter is a visual medium, so you can easily link your profile to your blog or Facebook page. People visiting your blog will automatically be redirected to your Twitter account. Once they start tweeting, they’ll be able to read your latest content.

  • Promote your brand.

In addition, Twitter helps build brand awareness. With over 500 million active monthly users, brands can get noticed quickly. Once people find out about your product or service, they’ll likely to buy from you.

How To Start A New Account On Twitter

You can start a new Twitter account for your company by following these steps:

1. Choose a username.

Due to Twitter’s 30-character limit, usernames must be unique. You can, however, add special characters and numbers to your username. For example, you could use @my_business_name or @my_product_name.

2. Create a profile picture. 

To avoid spamming, Twitter requires every user to upload a photo. You can either upload a stock photo or a custom logo.

3. Set up your bio. 

Every Twitter account needs a description or biography. Use this space to tell people about your products and services. Include links to your website and social media profiles.

Getting An Old Twitter Account

There are a lots of old twitter accounts for sale out there. Here is a guide to getting one of them – 

  • Know how a fake account looks like.

Being aware of fake Twitter accounts will help you avoid scams. If it’s something like “@verified_twitter_accounts” or “@verified_twitters,” it’s probably not trustworthy. 

  • Take a look at the website’s SSL certificate.

Look at the site’s SSL certificate. Check to see if it has a valid security certificate. 

  • Try to know about the seller.

Determine whether the same website has scammed other people. Don’t hesitate to contact your bank or credit card company if necessary if this is the case.

  • Find some good accounts beforehand.

Try searching on Twitter itself or using Google. You will probably find several lists of verified users who have been reviewed by others.

  • Follwer/Following ratio is a valuable metric.

Your account is likely fake if you have more followers than you follow. A Twitter account that has more followers than connections is probably inactive.

  • Verify before buying.

Purchasing an account without verifying its legitimacy could be a waste of time and money.

  • Check to avoid accounts with fake followers.

There are plenty of ways to check whether a Twitter account has fake followers. The number of likes, the number of retweets, and replies will help you to determine that. The only way to tell if an account is legitimate is to know who owns it.

  • Beware of accounts with uninterested followers.

It’s possible some or all of those followers are from countries where engagement doesn’t take place as frequently on Twitter.

  • Stick with a trusted source.

Do your research on the seller that has twitter accounts for sale.  Upon verification, buy an established high-quality Twitter account. Stick with them. It won’t be any riskier than buying any other business asset.


Buying a Twitter account is an affordable option. Consider the red flags above if you’re considering purchasing a Twitter account. Buy verified accounts directly from a trusted seller to ensure you get what you pay for. I hope, this article has been helpful for you.


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