Everything About Downloading Insta Stories

We all love to watch Instagram stories. These stories have us hooked due to the amazing content being shared. You can easily get a peek into anyone’s life and profession just through these stories. Stories on Instagram are pictures and videos incorporated with text and stickers that are displayed on everyone’s feed for 24 hours, post which these stories disappear. There have often been questions about the method or way to download these stories. This blog enumerates a method for every device and platform to download Instagram stories easily. All of which happens on a single app called StoriesIG.

StoriesIG is an online software that enables users to watch any person’s story anonymously without the person ever knowing. Your name does not get enlisted in the viewers list provided by Instagram along with every story you post. Not only can you watch these stories anonymously but you can even download them onto your device.

How to download Instagram stories using StoriesIG?

In order to download Instagram stories using StoriesIG follow these steps:

  1. Download StoriesIG from the App store into your iOS, android, tablet, PC or laptop.
  2. Launch StoriesIG on your device and navigate to Instagram story downloader.
  3. In the field provided enter the username of the person or open Instagram and copy the username of the person into the field provided.
  4. Click search and StoriesIG displays to you all the stories posted by that person in those 24 hours.
  5. Press the ‘download’ button over the stories to initiate download. The story gets saved in your gallery instantly.

How to download Instagram story highlights using StoriesIG?

It’s not just the stories that you want to download but also the highlights. Highlights are stories that were saved onto the profile. Whenever you come across any such story from highlights that you wish to download there is no option given for that. Hence in order to achieve this StoriesIG helps you. StoriesIG not only helps you download stories but highlights as well. Here’s how:

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  1. Navigate to StoriesIG and in the field provided copy the username of the person. To fetch the exact person’s profile, you can even copy their username from Instagram.
  2. Click the search button. It will display all the folders for different highlights.
  3. Choose the appropriate folder from these and click on ‘download’ button to start the download.

Make sure the account whose story or highlights that you wish to download is either public or followed by you. StoriesIG only supports public content download. It does not believe or tamper with privacy norms in any way.

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Features of StoriesIG:

  1. StoriesIG is a free to use app that does not require any login.
  2. The app is available on all the platforms and devices.
  3. StoriesIG can be accessed on the official website of StoriesIG.
  4. The app is completely legal and safe to use and authorized.
  5. StoriesIG does not keep any information of any user or downloads that you make on the app or website.


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