How To Ensure Your Talent Acquisition Will Lead To Long-Term Employees

Hiring employees can be stressful.  You want to find the best fit for your company and try to avoid mistakes that can lead to issues with how long they’ll stay: but how can you avoid the red flags if you don’t know they’re there?

These are the top ways to ensure your talent acquisition will lead to long-term employees you can count on!

Consider Where Your Applicants Are Coming From

Where are you listing your job openings?  When going through talent acquisition, the source of your employees can tell you a lot about what they’re trying to get out of this job.  On gig sites, you’ll be far more likely to find someone who’s looking for short-term work, while on classic job hunting sites, you’ll find people seeking 40+ hour work weeks.  Keep this in mind while hunting since getting them mixed up can land you with employees who want entirely different things from this job than you can offer.  

Be Thorough In Your Job Listing

When setting up a job listing, it’s vital that you’re as thorough as possible.  Hiring new employees is vital to making a listing that stands out.  Be clear about the perks of the jobs, the hours and compensation they should expect, as well as get a clear read on their character.  

Do they seem like a good fit?  Would they get along with the other employees?  Don’t be afraid to read into this person and double guess them.  You deserve the best, and that can take digging.  

Pay Attention to Their Work History

When an applicant’s work history warns you of something: listen to it.  Although almost everyone will have gaps or ended jobs in 2020 and some sporadic issues since then: pay attention to what was going on in the years before that.  

If they switch jobs every six months or seem to move a ton, it can spell disaster for you when trying to keep employees for as long as possible

: not only because they might skip out without warning but also because you’ll have to pay to train and hire an entirely new worker than before.  

Stay Competitive With Pay and Perks

From the massive firing and layoffs in 2020 to the nonstop quitting and leaving jobs that came in waves through 2021 and 2022: it’s easy to see that employees are in a rocky relationship with the idea of work. 

Instead of adding to this antagonism, try to show them that your company is eager to have and keep them.  Offering great perks and above career-average pay will allow your company to fully get its hooks in future employees, making them desperate to stay.  

Your Company Deserves the Best Employees Possible

We all want our companies to succeed, and a lot of that relies on our employees being the best fit possible.  Whether this is your first time hiring someone or you’ve been through the rodeo before: make sure you hire the best employees to suit your business.


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