What a Customer Expects from a Business’s Website

When a consumer clicks onto a business’s website, there are certain things that they grow to expect. If a website doesn’t match those expectations, there is a chance that they will quickly click away, leaving the business with one less potential customer.

For businesses, meeting and exceeding consumers’ website expectations is critical for ongoing growth. With a good enough website, you can grow your brand identity, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty. To start with, make sure you meet all of these customer expectations at a minimum.

Easy Navigation

A quality website is always easy to navigate. That means users find getting from one place to the next seamless or – even better – intuitive. It means they can find pages like ‘contact us’ and ‘about us’ without any issues.

Without easy navigation, there’s a high chance your website users will leave very quickly, making it an essential part of any website. Using a bespoke web design agency can help you create a website that boasts both easy navigation and a strong brand image.

Fast Loading Times

For many internet users, slow loading times are a thing of the past. That means that if they find themselves on a website that takes too long to load, they will give up on their search to look elsewhere. It’s important to understand that even just a couple of seconds of loading is enough to send potential customers to another website! Fix your loading times, and your bounce rate will decrease.

Informative Text

After clicking on your website, users want more information about who you are and what you have to offer them. That means including informative text that tells them exactly that. It’s important to keep the content concise but helpful – don’t overload them with too much information, but don’t leave them with too many questions, either. You should also ensure the text is engaging and includes enough calls to action.

Contact Details

After browsing your website, some users will have questions. They might want to know more about a product or have questions about a current offer and whether it applies to them. That’s where a contact page comes in handy. Any user will expect your contact details to be easy to find, so don’t disappoint them! If they’re not easily accessible, they may give up and try another business.

What the Company Has to Offer

Whether you are an e-commerce business selling swimwear or a copywriter, you must tell every user exactly what you have to offer. When they come onto your site, they should quickly learn how you can help them. Instead of going into too much detail about each product on the homepage, focus more on customer benefits. That is what they want to hear, and that is what will turn them into paying customers.

When it comes to building a business website, it’s important to meet user expectations so that you don’t miss out on potential customers and clients. Make sure you tick the above boxes to ensure your website boosts your growth rather than hinders it.


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