How to choose clothing for large dogs

Let’s start by defining what a large breed dog can really need in terms of clothing: surely if you live in a cold area or are particularly sensitive to low temperatures, you can buy sweaters or coats to keep them warm, just as they are. raincoats are useful in case of forced exit in the rain. In some cases, even socks or shoes can be comfortable, if for example you suffer from particular pathologies.

And let’s move on to choosing the big dogs clothing , a choice to be made carefully if you buy online, without the advice of the retailer. As for making a tailored suit, we will have to take the measurements of the dog with a tailor’s tape measure: we will need to measure the circumference of the chest (then adding from 3 to 5 centimeters to ensure maximum wearability), the circumference of the neck (adding the same margin of before) and the length of the dog, to be taken with the dog erect on the paws and starting from the base of the neck and up to a couple of centimeters from the beginning of the tail.

And finally, where to buy dog ​​clothing . On the internet there are many resources, but the advice is to rely on serious and certified channels, because by buying on the internet you cannot touch the quality until it arrives at home, otherwise you can rely on your trusted online store

From the coat to the sweatshirt, without forgetting the socks, even dogs have the right to their wardrobe! Raincoat, shoes, a disguise for a special occasion – dogs may have specific clothing needs. What are the most suitable clothes and accessories? What size? 

Dog coat and raincoat

The dog coat is used to protect our four-legged friends who do not like rain or whose fur does not protect them sufficiently from low temperatures (especially dogs with short hair). Some models have rubber bands that attach under the legs or tail , while others have holes through which the limbs are passed.

How to choose the right dog coat? The answer is simple: it is sufficient to buy a shape that adapts to the size and physical conformation of the dog, without neglecting its comfort needs . In fact, a coat or a raincoat for dogs are designed to be worn during outings: the dog must therefore feel at ease , to do his business without disturbing elements.

Backpack and accessories for dogs

The dog backpack can be worn by your four-legged friend during a walk (with his things inside, for example). It also allows you to transport the dog if it is small. It consists of parts of perforated fabric and removable parts to allow him to breathe and take advantage of the view during beautiful walks.

How to find the right dog transport backpack? Here are some useful criteria:

  • presence of reinforced and safety belts in the front ;
  • easy and robust openings ;
  • more points to look out ;
  • washable backpack ;
  • compartment large enough for the dog .


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