12 or 24 volt car batteries: what to choose? Differences, comparison and advice

When you have to think about whether or not to buy a new battery for your car, there are some questions that it is absolutely legitimate to ask, as it is a topic that should not be underestimated and of extreme importance.

What to ask yourself to avoid making mistakes when buying a battery

Among the absolutely normal questions that must be asked in order not to make mistakes during the purchase phase, do we find the doubt about the number of battery banks that must then be charged? In this regard, everything concerning services , start – up , but also bow thruster and much more must be considered and taken into account. Moreover, in order to be as safe as possible, try to take into account by making some predictions a possible expansion of the entire system, remember well that when we talk about the system in general we refer to the current of the battery charger.

The charger that you decide to use is very important that it has more or less the same voltage as the battery in question, to explain better here is an example for you: a voltage of 12 V in turn needs a 12 V charger. what for a voltage of 24 V which in turn will need a 24 V charger.

Moreover, the fact of recharging the batteries in a fast as well as safe way certainly needs a sufficient charging current to guarantee a quality process.

What is the difference between a 12 V and a 24 V battery

To better explain this concept even to those who are not very expert on the subject, let’s take as an example  a normal Gel 200 battery that usually needs a charger that has a minimum amount of energy.equal to 25 amps. We also keep in mind that when a greater number of loads are connected during the charging process, such as radio, heating, it is absolutely essential to have a 50 amp battery charger at hand. If the charger in this case is powered by the use of a generator instead of from the mains, it is strongly recommended to also have a 100 amp battery charger, as a larger charger can shorten the charging process by making it possible low if not minimal use of the generator, consequently increasing the level of comfort as well as having a lower than average environmental impact.

However, also take into account the fact that at the price level , due to their difference in power as well as structural, 24 volt battery inevitably have a higher price than 12 V ones, moreover the price also varies depending on of the model and the manufacturer you rely on when buying the new battery for your car.

As for the more common chargers that can be found more easily inexpensively, the charging current is usually specified mainly based on its voltage. The battery charging process often requires a higher charging voltage.

Logically, the charging processes to which a lower than average voltage and current are supplied necessarily need more time to be able to fully recharge the vehicle battery . This implies the fact that the battery then has an overall duration necessarily lower than the common standard. Consequently, when you want to make the purchase of a battery it is good to inquire about what are the characteristics of the brand you are buying as regards their power, autonomy and materials.


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