8 reasons to have a website

Is it worth spending time and money to have a website for your business? 8 big reasons why a website is essential with typefaces.


It is no news to anyone that in this globalized world, whatever the area in which your company specializes, there are hundreds of competitors that are already taking advantage of the advantages offered by the Internet. Therefore, it is most likely that with every minute that passes you are losing potential customers…


Millions of netizens use this platform to buy goods and services, and thousands are specifically looking for what you offer. If you have a website, you will convert them into potential customers.


When someone uses Google to search for a product, the results appear hierarchically, the public has a better perception of the companies that are in the first place, therefore they are more likely to buy from them and not from others.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to directly face your competitors, if things go well you will go up the rungs and in the best of cases when a consumer uses a search engine to find what you offer, your company will appear in the first posts.


The Internet is a platform that is constantly in operation, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your page will show what you offer at all times and your target audience will be able to access that information quickly and comfortably.


It allows you to carry out all your communication and sales processes at a low cost.


You can work from anywhere and the hours are chosen by you.


Its versatile format allows you to adapt it to your needs, with the help of a professional you can turn your website into an attractive site that serves as a letter of introduction to your audience.

Colour or black and white?

It depends a lot on the objectives you pursue, there are logos that are designed for black and white, but the normal thing is that you make a colour design and that it has its black and white version.

What is the secret of good design?

I believe that the secret is that the design has the essence of what you want to communicate with a sans serif font, if we are talking about a company logo, for example, then it has the essence of that company and it transmits it in the simplest and most concrete way possible.

Keep in mind that one of the maxims of design is simplicity since the goal is to get the message across in the most direct way possible, so the more you complicate your design, the further you get from that goal.


A website allows you to measure the results of all the actions that you are implementing, however, one of the most significant advantages is that you will be able to establish direct and two-way communication with your audience, so that you will know firsthand hand the opinion of the people, their doubts, preferences, complaints or congratulations and you will be able to respond to them in a timely manner.

Don’t think about it anymore, because correctly using the benefits that a website offers you is possibly a factor that will lead your business to success.

Do you know any other reason to have your own website?


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