4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

You’ll need to decide whether a single inflatable kayak or a 2 person inflatable kayak is more practical. There are a few factors that might sway your decision one way or the other, but when you put in the time to think about it, a 2 person inflatable kayak does have certain advantages.

If you’re trying to decide between a solo and a 2 person inflatable kayak, what are the advantages of the latter? Let’s compare and contrast a few key points.

Being on the Water Without a Partner Might Become Boring

This is the primary advantage of a 2 person inflatable kayak over a single-person kayak. If you’re going to be purchasing a kayak all by yourself, then obviously that’s the first item on your mind. Because of this, you’ll be focusing on one-person kayaks.

But being on the ocean by yourself may grow old fast. For instance, if you’re going to be out fishing for four or five hours and sitting about with no one to speak to, you’re going to be quite bored.

Having More Protection and Safety

Nothing can be guaranteed while you’re out on the sea. One of two things may go wrong: either your boat capsizes or the weather becomes severe. It’s bad enough, but when you’re venturing into uncharted waters, it’s just terrifying. Perhaps you brought your kayak on a family vacation but found yourself without a paddling companion.

A global positioning system (GPS) navigator might be useful, but a local expert would be much more so. Someone who can assist you remains level-headed and making sound judgments to bring yourself back to safety is useful if you don’t have a security detail.

If you have a 2 person inflatable kayak, though, you may bring a companion along for the adventure. If not, you might ask the locals for the advice of someone who is familiar with the area and can help you avoid any pitfalls you might encounter.

2 Person Inflatable Kayak is More Stable

To preface this discussion, it’s worth noting that the same may be stated about a big single inflatable kayak. If you’re going to upgrade to a bigger kayak, you may as well purchase one that can hold two people. The fact that a single inflatable kayak is more narrow than a double one is also beneficial.

It’s only a matter of physics that a kayak with larger width will be more stable. Due to a greater surface area in contact with the water, overturning is far less probable. Most 2 person inflatable kayak allow for two people to stand up comfortably, which is impossible with a single inflatable kayak. The center of gravity shifts somewhat in a 2 person inflatable kayak, and the extra gear in the boat adds weight and makes it more stable.

You Have More Space

The extra space you have with a 2 person inflatable kayak is the last benefit. Because of its limited storage space, a single inflatable kayak might be a hindrance for longer fishing or camping excursions. No kayak has difficulty accommodating a backpack and a few necessities, but a solitary kayak will have a hard time accommodating fishing rods, a sleeping bag, a tent, and enough food and drink for several days.

The Bottom Line

If you plan on spending most of your time on the water without a companion, a single-person kayak might be an appealing choice. It’s easy to rationalize a solo kayak until you weigh all the benefits you’ll get from a 2 person inflatable kayak. A 2 person inflatable kayak is an excellent choice if you want a single vessel that can handle anything from a short solo excursion to an extended journey with your significant other.


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