Wife of Karthi, Ranjani is as Notable as Karthi Sivakumar and Left Remarks in Every Step of Life

The fame of Tamil movies is increasing with time. And one of the reasons behind the tremendous popularity of Tamil movies is the presence of talented actors. And one of the most talented actors in the Kollywood cine industry is Karthi Sivakumar. He is famous for his acting skills. Karthi Sivakumar is one of the sons of supreme actor Sivakumar and also the younger of actor Surya according to wikimylink. So, you can say acting runs in their genes. And Ranjani Chinnaswamy is the life partner of this famous actor. They tied the knot on 3 July 2011.

Personal Information of Ranjani Karthi

Ranjani Karthi is also really talented in her ways. She won the gold medal in English Literature while studying MA from Stella Mari’s College. It is in Vandalur of Chennai. And after marriage, she became an Industrialist. Ranjani has a master’s degree in English Literature. So, you can understand that she is extremely intelligent. Even though she is an industrialist, she has many hobbies. Her hobbies are cycling, long driving, reading books, and listening to music. She is full of amazing sides. Ranjani is like a wonder woman.

Before marriage, she used to live in Gundam Palayam, Erode, with her parents. Her father’s name is Chinnaswamy, and her mother’s name is Jothi Meenakshi. But currently, she lives in Chennai, India, with her husband and kids. She never revealed her date of birth. So no one knows her actual age.

According to her close ones, Ranjani doesn’t like to reveal much about her in the media. She likes to keep her life private as much as possible. According to Ranjini, “Revealing a lot of personal information to the media feels like losing a part of yourself.” And that is why she doesn’t use any social media platforms. Another reason for not using social media platforms is because she has to give time to her family.

How Ranjani Is as A Wife and Mother

Let’s get to know how amazing Ranjani is as a wife.

As a wife, Ranjani is truly amazing. Even though it wasn’t a love story, their journey will amaze us. Since marriage, she supported the actors through all ups and downs. In an interview, the actor dedicated all his success to his wife. He said that his wife is one of the biggest reasons behind his achievements. Karthi also said that her constant motivation and belief made him feel more confident about himself. And since marriage Kartik has many hit films. And his fame increased. So you can say that Ranjani is very lucky for the actor. Even the actor said he feels very lucky to have Ranjani as his soulmate. She brought luck and joy to this family and his life as well. She has all the qualities to become the perfect wife.

After almost two years of marriage, Ranjani gave birth to their beautiful daughter. Her son’s name is Umayaal who was born on 11 January 2013. Ranjani is a great mother as well. With so many hobbies and jobs, she always has a good amount of time for her daughter. She tries to give the best things to her daughter. Both Karthi and Ranjani support their daughter in everything so that she can become a great person.

The Kind Side of Ranjani.

Ranjani has a heart of gold. It is found out that she is involved in many charity work. She always tries to help the ones who need help. Since childhood, she has been very generous and kind-hearted. Her family members said that she always puts others first. And when any natural disasters occur, she tries to donate as much as possible.

Indeed, all the things about Ranjani Karthi make us feel so proud of her.


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