Tribute to the Female Individual Jessy Sethupathi, The Spouse of Vijay Sethupathi

People who like Tamil movies are aware that the Kollywood cine industry has many talented actors. And one of the talented actors is Vijay Sethupathi. He is a leading Tamil actor. And the wife of Vijay Sethupathi is Jessy Sethupathi. Their marriage took place in the year 2003. And as a wife, she is amazing. She has all the qualities that make her a perfect wife. Her confidence and constant support helped Vijay Sethupathi to go ahead in this career. Her faith in Vijay Sethupathi made him shine more in the field of acting.

The Love Story of Jessy and Vijay

Not many people know about how Vijay and Jessy met. Their beautiful love story started when Vijay was in Dubai for work. While he was working, he got in touch through social media with Jessy. Then with time, Vijay started to fell in love with Jessy. After he realized that she is the one, Vijay came back to India to marry Jessy. And then they both started a new life in Chennai. Soon after their marriage Vijay Sethupathi joined the Koothu Pattarai. In Koothu Pattarai, he was an actor, and along with that, he was an accountant.

Throughout his journey, he always had Jessy’s support. And Jessy always believed that Vijay has a great talent in himself to do great in his career. All the constant support and confidence, along with Vijay’s determination, made him what he is today. Vijay is well-known for his hard work and passion for his career. Vijay and Jessy have one son and one daughter. The name of their son is Surya Sethupathi, and the name of their daughter is Shreeja Sethupathi.

According to Vijay, Jessy is like a lucky charm. After one year of their marriage, Vijay got his first film. And in an interview, Vijay gives all the credits to his wife. He says that she makes everything a lot easier for him. With all these stories, we can say that Jessy is a very humble person.

Personal Informations About Jessy Sethupathi.

Not only Jessy Sethupathi is a great life partner. She is an amazing person as well. So, let’s get to know more about such a wonderful person.

Even though she is a housewife currently, according to biographymask and Pinterest, she also helps Vijay manage his accounts. However, before marriage, she used to work as a banker in a private bank. Jessy is a beautiful person both in and out. And this beautiful lady was born in 1981. She was born in Kerala, India. Jessy is from a middle-class family. And her caste is known as “Kapu.” And her religion is Hinduism. Another interesting fact no one knows her exact date of birth as she never disclosed it to the media. But according to her birth year, she is currently 39years old.

There is no information regarding Jessy’s parent’s and siblings’ names. However, according to some sources like Wikibio, we found her father is a serviceman, her mother a housewife. And she grew up with all her siblings together.

She went to a local high school for her schooling. Then she was admitted to Kerala University. Jessy completed her graduation in the field of commerce. And according to many people, Jessy was good in her studies, and she was very intelligent.

Apart from being a great mother and wife, Jessy is good at singing and dancing. And her zodiac sign is Pieces.  Jessy is born with all the amazing qualities.

Jessy Sethupathi always tries to be there for her family. And to give the proper amount of time, she doesn’t use any social media platforms. She is a great person indeed.


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