Edibles and Entertainment at Dhow Cruise Dubai

If you want to have the best dinner in Dubai, then Dhow cruise Dubai will be the best spot to be visited. Dhow cruise Dubai provides the best dinner. Along with mouthwatering dinner, many other entertaining services are supplied by Dhow cruise Dubai.


You can enjoy the best food service over here at Dhow Cruise Dubai Offers. The buffet includes the best food with delicious flavours. Firstly they served amazing drinks. The buffet consists of traditional food in Arabic. It also includes non-vegetarian and vegetarian food.

After enjoying the lavish meal, they provide Arabic coffee and tea. You can also enjoy live cooking on the Dhow cruise Dubai. You can enjoy the best dinner along with a glittering view of Dubai. The huge skyscrapers look very attractive and mesmerizing at night time. During dinner, these amazing scenes make it more beautiful and memorizing.

The dhow cruise Dubai is sailing in the water where a soothing and pleasant breeze is feeling, and there is beautiful music in the background, which make the dinner more beautiful. So you can come here to enjoy dinner with your friends, family members and loved ones.


Along with the delicious meal, you can enjoy the live music on the Dhow cruise Dubai. You can also enjoy the live dance over there. Music is constantly played in the background. A cool and gentle breeze and the soothing sound of water make the dinner very beautiful.

The dhow is decorated beautifully with light which makes the dhow more beautiful. Amazing buildings lighted up at night can also be seen while sailing on the dhow cruise Dubai. You can view these giant buildings of Dubai, which, after lighting up at night time, make your dinner more beautiful.


You can go on the Dhow cruise Dubai with your friends, family, or loved ones. You can book your seating either in the upper deck in the open air or may in the lower deck. There is also the facility of air conditioners on the deck. Smoking is prohibited in the closed area of the deck.

However, you can smoke in the open air on Dubai’s dhow cruise. There is no wheelchair facility in the dhow. There is a separate bathroom facility for both males and females. If you think of doing any event, this place will be the best place to be selected for any event.

Events such as birthdays, marriages, or other types of occasions chose this place to make them more special and unique.

Dhow cruise Dubai has almost 199 people on the upper and lower deck. Contact the manager. They will guide you and tell you about the packages. After you book your reservation at the dhow cruise Dubai, you can get confirmation.

Culture experience:

You can also view the Dubai culture on the Dhow cruise Dubai. You can overview the evolution of Dubai. The wooden dhow where you will enjoy the dinner also shows the history of Dubai. In the past, the Arabs were travelling in the wooden dhow. The dhow cruise Dubai is decorated to reflect the culture and tradition of ancient Bedouin.


You can book your order, and you will receive confirmation of booking. Its service also provides the facility of pick and drop from all over Dubai. Dhow cruise Dubai do not give accessibility for a wheelchair. In the dhow, there is also the availability of an air conditioner on the lower deck.

Smoking is prohibited in the lower deck. You can smoke in the open-air area of the dhow. The duration of the dhow is 90 minutes. There is a separate washroom facility for males and females in the dhow.

You can safely and with secure can dinner in the dhow. There is a facility for life jackets, emergency medicines and fire safety. The guider also operates you.

Make your night special:

Visit this amazing dhow cruise if you want to make your night special. Dubai is the best place to stay. You can enjoy the best dinner in Dubai. You can enjoy the best view of Dubai’s huge building, which shines at night. The sound of water and beautiful music also make the dinner more special and memorizing.

Also include:

It includes 90 minutes for enjoying the amazing and delicious dinner. Along with the dinner you can enjoy the view of skyscrapers. Live music and dance performance are also part of the dhow cruise Dubai.

In the dhow cruise Dubai, food is available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the buffet. They provide unlimited refreshments and give the facility of a live entertainment show at the dhow. There is also the facility of pick and drop.

Book Cruise: dhowcruisedubai.org


After a hectic day, the best place where you can relax and enjoy the nighttime will be the dhow cruise Dubai. All your stress and tension will be removed by enjoying the mouthwatering dinner and Dubai’s scenic beauty.

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