Why Earphones Make Our Lives Easier

We’ve all been there, tangled up in the chord of our earbuds and struggling to get them out of our pockets and into our ears. But would life be that different without these little gadgets? This piece of technology fits into your ears to provide sound from whatever source you have available — whether it’s music playing on your phone or video from the television.

Though they may seem like something most people just use to listen to music, Earphones are part of our everyday lives and can be surprisingly helpful when it comes to staying productive and enjoying our free time. Read on to learn more about how earphones make our lives easier!

1) We can listen to music without disturbing others

Do you have a friend that has his music blaring out loud when you get into his car? Don’t you wish there was a way to let him listen to what he wants without making everybody else in earshot miserable? With earphones, you can do just that! You can also use them if someone is snoring loudly and keeping you awake at night.

If your work colleague starts talking about something boring or disgusting just start listening to music. And don’t forget about those times when someone across from you starts having an extremely loud phone conversation at work or on public transport. You can turn up your favourite tunes and ignore them altogether! If only people used earphones more often…

2) No more searching for a speakerphone

For those times when speakerphone just isn’t an option, earphones are there to save you. Whether you have trouble hearing or a business call goes on longer than anticipated, earphone use is a smart alternative to awkward hand gestures.

With earphones, you can let someone know that you will be one moment and take your call wherever—like around a corner or into another room. The best thing about using earphones? You’ll never have to fake a smile while desperately trying to pretend you can hear whoever it is that just called.

3) The extra weight on your head doesn’t bother you at all

Many people are hesitant to work out in earbuds because they worry about being uncomfortable. In reality, earbuds are so light that you hardly notice them on your head. This makes working out easier and allows you to focus on what matters: your workout!

You will want to use wireless headphones if you plan on running or doing any activity that involves a lot of movement because wires can get caught or broken easily. You also want to use wireless headphones if you’re going hiking with friends or swimming; wires and water don’t mix very well! If you are looking for a cheap pair of headphones, search for deals at big box stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

4) Music automatically pauses when you receive calls

When you receive a call, the music automatically pauses so you can take it without missing a beat. If someone calls or texts while your music is playing, your headphones will tell you who’s trying to reach you. So when they come calling, just switch over to take that call. No need to pull out your phone and dig through menus — just tap Answer on your earbuds and chat away.

5) Solves the problem of where to put your phone

Keeping your phone or mp3 player in your pocket can result in some embarrassing situations, but holding it at arm’s length for hours on end isn’t any more comfortable. This is where earphones come in: Not only do they keep your hands free, but you won’t have to worry about finding a place to set your phone.

And if you have an mp3 player or iPhone earbuds with an attached mic and remote control, even better! You can use them as easily as you would use a headset on a mobile phone.

6) The sound quality is good enough to enjoy music while jogging

Unlike a poor set of speakers, earphones are tiny and allow you to listen to your music without worrying about how loud it is. Good quality headphones also make listening to music while jogging or exercising safer. To enjoy music while at home with kids who might be sleeping: You can’t play loud music if people are sleeping nearby.

The same is true when you’re working on an important project and don’t want others to hear what you’re listening to. The sounds don’t leak out: People can hear your conversation if they stand next to you (and if it’s not a very quiet environment), but no one can hear what you’re listening to unless they have their ear pressed against your ears.

7) Cord-free means better exercise routines

Running, walking, and even cycling can be difficult with a cord attached to your earbuds. With cord-free earbuds, you’ll have more control over your routine. For example, you might choose to wear a headband while walking or jogging if you don’t want earbuds covering your ears—but having no cord means there’s nothing in between.

This also makes it easier to cycle without worrying about cords getting tangled up or in your way of turning left or right. It all depends on what kind of exercise routine you’re into and how long you like exercising!

8) Music lovers will never miss out on concerts ever again!

An important aspect of attending a concert is to feel its energy and enjoy what your favourite artists have to offer. Concerts come in many forms. They can be as big as a stadium performance or as small as listening to your favourite musician playing at a coffee shop. Either way, you’ll never experience it fully if you don’t hear every tone, instrument, and lyric. That’s where good earphones come in handy!


According to the New Yorker, Earphones are becoming more and more popular. They are easy to use, they offer convenience and they can make our lives easier. When you are working in a busy office, sometimes it is hard to focus on what you want, when you want. A pair of earbuds can help us get rid of external distractions, giving us better chances to be successful at work. Besides, earphones can serve as headphones; thus, offering better sound quality than regular speakers do which makes them more attractive for music lovers.


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