What to Know About the Maine Coon Cat?

You may be a dog person, but if you try to adopt cats, you’ll find yourself falling in love with them in no time. For one, they are low maintenance, and another is that they can adapt well to apartments and small homes.
Cats are very loyal, and you’ll find them wanting to cuddle with you at all hours. Some can even accompany you to an afternoon walk for exercise, and they are pretty friendly with their owners. Sometimes, they can show their sassy sides, but these are usually endearing to the owners.
Fortunately, if you require a charming, wonderful, interesting, clever, and amazing feline, there’s a breed that you may like. The Maine Coon cat breed meets all the criteria mentioned, and they can be your best friends for life. Some shelters have these breeds in their care, and you may want to consider adopting one. Here are things to know before you adopt a Maine Coon.
1. These Breeds are Very Loyal
Early on in their lives, these kitties decide that they will have a favorite person to follow around. When they choose you, know that they will be a hundred percent dedicated to you, and you’ll find them following you from one room to another. They can be distraught if they don’t see you or when you leave them at long stretches a day. They prefer to cuddle and spend time with you above others.
It can be cool to feel that a pet feline is exceptionally devoted to you. They are just a step or two behind you, and they may even accompany you when you’re gardening outside. They will sleep at the foot of your bed, and they will hurry and come running at you when they hear you calling them. This obsession may be present with other cats, but the Maine Coon only shows this to a single devoted person of his choosing.
2. They are Extremely Cute
All cats have an intrinsic cuteness in them, but there’s something different about Maine Coons that many owners find irresistible. They have pointy chins, square jaws, tufted ears, and golden eyes that make them extra cute. You can learn more about the characteristics of this breed on this page here.
These long-haired breeds have pantaloons and manes that add a more aesthetic appeal to their appearance. Pantaloons were believed to have evolved because they helped the felines stay warm when they sat on the snow. Overall, they are a darling to look at, and their fur is very soft.
3. These Felines Love Water
Maine Coons are known for their furs that are water-repellent and thick. Know that they are kind of obsessed with water, so it’s best if you live in nearby lakes and parks. Many of them may come sprinting when they hear the faucets turning on. Expect them to stick their cute paws into continuous streams of water, and they may even decide to dunk their heads underneath.
Some owners may discover that their cats would suddenly jump out of a tub, but this is not often the case. Expect delayed reactions when the water hasn’t penetrated the fur of your kitties yet. It can be hilarious and can provide hours of fun for the family. You can find some of them paddling into the water from videos online, and they look so at ease in them.
4. These Cats are Chirpy
You can find these breeds to do a repertoire of noises. They can trill, purr, chirp, and make some meowing conversations when they are in the mood. They will also let you know if they want something from you.
Some of the chirps may be meant for the birds that they see outside the window. They can make strange noises that sound like chatter. Others open their kitty mouths and start staccato chirps. Researchers are still uncertain why they do this, but many owners feel that they copy the birds’ sounds to attract prey. Whatever the reason is, know that it can be funny when your pet does it.
This may mean that your pet is delighted to see you after a long day when it comes to trills. They will come to your side and greet you with a hello. When you say something back in human language, you may even receive a meow reply from them. Even if they can’t form words, you can still become engaged when a cat starts a “conversation” with you, and they have a friendly body language. Get more info about their body language in this link: https://pets.webmd.com/cats/features/cat-body-language.
5. They are Gentle Giants
Screenshot 3

Know that the Maine Coon breed is huge. They are hard to ignore, and they are easy to spot. The owners usually receive typical comments about what a big cat they have. These felines have longer bodies that form a sort of rectangular shape. They can weigh about 12 pounds, and they are usually at the bigger end of the kitty spectrum. They may even weigh a whopping 20 pounds or more. For more information visit this site: f95zone
Their appearance is similar to that of a miniature lynx, and they are big house cats that are comfortable in small spaces. They are massive with big, tufted ears and square jaws, so make sure to handle them. You can take them on walks while under supervision, so they won’t become obese. They can be easily trained, and you just have to harness them when you go for a walk around the block. They are gentle creatures, and you’ll definitely love them.


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