What Can Be Better than Blockchain and Gaming? Xbit Offers This Chance

Do you want to experience the mixture of Blockchain and gaming? Well, this is exactly what Xbit offers to users. A chance to play online games with the technological advances that Blockchain can provide.

The main and key features of this project are the Xbit Coin, which is a cryptocurrency specifically developed for online gaming, and also, an online casino that runs based on Blockchain technology.

In this article we will examine both and review the benefits of this digital currency.

Casino Xbit: Online Gaming with a Taste of Blockchain

Casino Xbit and of course the Xbit Coin have all been designed and developed based on the Blockchain technology. What does this mean? At its heart, being Blockchain-based for online gaming means no more issues related to conventional gaming industry. These issues include lack of scalability, lack of privacy, deficient security, etc.

In other words, a gaming platform that implements the Blockchain technology will be able to scale itself to a much higher volume of users, with higher degrees of security and safety.

XBT Digital Currency

The cryptocurrency behind this project, known as Xbit Coin, which is also known with its exclusive code XBT, has been developed based on SHA-256 algorithm. This algorithm is one of the most popular in the crypto world, with other cryptocurrencies having implemented it, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Xbit Coin has its own independently run and operated Blockchain network. This is not the case for all cryptocurrencies. Many cryptos are developed and run based on other Blockchain networks. But, obviously, having an independent Blockchain network will have enormous advantages for the users.

Xbit Coin has a total cap of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) coins. All of these coins have already been mined and ready for use.

The one billion coins are distributed in the following way: 400 million coins are provided to early investors who established the casino and the development team. 400 million coins are offered to ordinary buyers. The rest of the 200 million coins are provided to the business operators.

Who Can Benefit from Xbit?

Xbit has been developed to be used in online gaming industry, specifically at the online casino Xbit.

Users can use Xbit to play games and make deposits at the online casino Xbit. But also, this cryptocurrency can be used as a financial tool to transfer money and assets.

Additionally, XBT coins are also known as representative of revenue shares of casino Xbit.

Xbit has been created for a financial service that already exist; an online casino.

So prior to the coin, a financial service, a casino, has been already established with its special services and features. This online gaming apparatus, or this online casino accepts this cryptocurrency.

Those who purchase this coin will receive benefits and interest from the casino. This is exactly like buying stocks in the casino. Because as the casino attracts more players and creates more revenue, the value of the coins increase as well.


Xbit Coin is nothing like any other cryptocurrency in the crypto world. This new cryptocurrency offers features to users that have not been seen before.

In addition, the Casino Xbit allows users to play thousands of online games and make payments with the help of digital currencies, including Xbit Coin.

This Blockchain-powered platform enables players to have a new and totally different experience of gaming.


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