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lost lands 7 is an adventure puzzle game, the seventh game in the lost lands series, in lost lands 7 will open a new storyline, this time Susan discovers another dangerous ruin and embarks on another A dangerous adventure, and this time Susan will bring her own son, can she successfully stop the evil god’s plan? The following is a lost lands 7 game walkthrough. I hope it can help you complete all the puzzles and tasks. For more lost lands 7 walkthrough related articles, please visit gametopn.com .

1. Escape from the underground scene

In lost lands 7, the player will play the role of a detective, who needs to find clues and find hidden objects to solve the puzzle. At the beginning of the game, the player will enter an underground scene . The first thing the player has to do is to find items and clues to escape the underground scene . The following is Specific steps:

  1. The first step is to take the hammer on the right and hit the man standing next to the table , when the man faints on the ground , click on the man to get the key from the shorts .
  2. A ladder is visible on the left , collect the ladder and add it to the inventory. Then select the key from the inventory and use it to open the chest on the right, after removing the rusted helmet and shield in the chest , you can get a spherical sony .
  3. Click on the table to start looking for hidden objects to complete the puzzle , first use the key to open the cage, you can get a snail from it.
  4. Select the shovel from the right and pick up the dust on the table to find the ring .
  5. Pick up the arrow from the left and hit the stone on the table to make the arrow sharp .
  6. Collect the skulls , then dip the skulls into the bowl to get the Red Skull.
  7. Remove the sheets hanging on the table, you will find a bucket of apples , take out the apples to get ropes and cannonballs.
  8. After clearing these hidden objects , you can leave the table and put a rope in the inventory , then click on the ladder in the inventory and fasten it with the rope.
  9. Put the ladder on the wall , after climbing up , you can reach the new scene, choosing the right stones and other objects can help the player escape the underground scene.

2. Reach the gate of the world

After a cutscene, there will be a tomb complex specially designed for the four gods of the Lost Lands , where players need to find the local caretaker Hiramir , pass through the gate, and reach the gate of the world. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Pick up “Monument Fragments” at locations near the house, collect the central element near the door and add it to the inventory.
  2. Then get the second stele fragment from the left side of the table , the third stele is near the pond, there are 4th, 5th and 6th steles in the pond , at the entrance door next to the house, get it from the next door at the same place The seventh and eighth steles .
  3. After collecting all the steles, go to the platform and put all the stele fragments there , start your puzzle game play , you need to drag the rope to solve the puzzle , after solving this puzzle , you can go through the door reach a new area .

3. Entering the next world

After reaching the gate of the world, players need to place different types of stones for the gods to enter other worlds , you need to start looking for hidden objects and use them to enter the next world , the following are the specific steps:

  1. Pick up the framed crystal and add it to your inventory , then click on the column on the right, select the framed crystal and place it in the correct position to see the cutscene.
  2. After the cutscene is over , you can get the “Particle Container” and “Key to the Hatch” , then select the “Key to the Hatch” from the inventory , click on the plate on the floor to fix it there.
  3. A secret passage will open when the key is set in the field , which can take you to a new scene in the underground environment , click on the control elements to collect and leave the scene.
  4. Place equipment on the pillar on the left to start another mini game , you need to rotate the ring to set the map , then go to the pillar on the right and tap the gesture to open the door to the next world .

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