Five Colors that Must be Used in kid’s Rooms

Children are extra sensitive to colors so it’s better if we understand color psychology,  color plays a huge role in our life, specifically for kids. Choosing the right colors for your kid’s room is a great way to change the aura around them.

The wrong colors may make your kid’s moods sour and affect their energy,  while the right colors excite them and soothe them. Give your kids the room of their dreams by getting a Custom House Painting.

Here are a few colors that must be included in a child’s room.


Green is the color of nature. Green has a calming and soothing effect just like nature. Scientists say green increases a child’s reading speed. A gentle touch of green color in your child’s bedroom is a good way to give them a relaxing vibe and make the space lighter and more soothing. Add wood to give your little space an earthy vibe.


Purple and lilac give a relaxing atmosphere, and purple represents wisdom,  ambition, and creativity. Purple also makes people feel peaceful and has a great impact on moods and behaviors. The light hue of Purple is extremely good to make your kids creative and have a great imagination.


Red has an energizing ability, it’s great to stimulate your child’s brain and keep the positive energy going.  Red will give a stunning and glam effect in your kid’s room. However extreme use of red can bring aggressive energy so it’s better to use hues of red in a reasonable way such as by adding patterns and shapes in red. Mixing with calm and composed colors.


Pink is such a vibrant color loved by kids, especially girls, some may consider pink a cliche,  but kids love the pink color, from pink toys to pink candies it attracts kids, and pink brings good energy so it’s a great choice.

Add some calming colors with pink, and accessories to the room with shades that complement pink. If you are choosing pink get the custom house painting in light hues and mix and match with some more colors to blend with the vibe.


Some of you may not agree with this but white is a great color to add to your kid’s space. Your kid’s room doesn’t have to be in bright colors only,  adding neutral colors to your kid’s space is a very good way to create an open space for your kids.

White represents innocence and purity,  white gives a soothing effect and is great for concentration. White gives you a chance to play around with the space.  You can experiment by accessorizing the room with different colors and creating a perfect space for your kids.


Choosing the right color for your kid’s bedroom can be hard when it comes to our children. We take every single action after thinking about it and making sure that it’s right for our kids. You shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with colors, every color has its meaning and represents many emotions.

Your kids need to feel every emotion and understand what it is. While choosing a color involve your kids as well and educate them about the colors and give your kids room Custom House Painting.


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