Which Cargo Is Suitable For International Freight Services?

Transportation of goods by sea is in great demand among small and large business owners. Such delivery has two significant advantages – safety and affordable price compared to air transportation. But when ordering sea transportation on us.meest.com from the USA worldwide, consider what goods can and cannot be transported by international freight services.

Types of Cargo for Transportation Freight Worldwide

Containers can carry general, bulk, liquid, oversized, and dangerous goods. For business, cargo delivery by sea is an excellent option if you need to deliver the following categories of products from the USA in FCL or LCL containers:

  • electronics;
  • household, construction, and other oversized equipment;
  • clothes, footwear, and accessories;
  • perfumery;
  • home goods of different categories.

It is also important to mention that international cargo delivery by sea requires special containers. Containers are selected based on the types and dimensions of the transported goods. For example, for heavy and oversized cargo, it is better to use 40 FT Standard, and for the transportation of heavy, but small goods, it is better to prefer 20 FT Standard models.

Besides, the containers are divided into standard, refrigerated, open-top, and tank containers.

It Is Impossible to Transport These Goods without Special Packaging:

  • Perishable bulk.
  • Explosive, poisonous, and flammable.
  • Cargo that may contaminate the container.
  • Goods enter into a chemical reaction with metals.

Advantages of Shipping Containers Overseas

Savings: transporting oversized cargo in a container will cost several times cheaper than delivery by other methods.

Flexibility: Can be used to carry a wide variety of cargo, including food, chemicals, equipment, etc.

Security: the container protects the goods inside, so the latter, in most cases, does not require complex and expensive packaging.

Transshipment speed: in multimodal transport, transshipment operations are much faster if the goods are in a container.

Security: the container can only be opened at the origin/destination and customs, resulting in less damage and theft during transportation.

To order container transportation, please call the Meest manager or go to the site to complete the form.


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