Why cyber sports is so popular today?

Cyber sports or cybersports or esports are team or individual multiplayer competitions in online games, which are recognized as a sport in many countries. Online and offline competitions have long been part of video game culture, but it wasn’t until the late 2000s that they began to gain popularity thanks to the development of the Internet, multiplayer games and streaming services. Thanks to this, eSports gradually turned from amateur to professional: with teams, tournaments, big money prizes and, most importantly, millions of spectators.

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How do you find your first team and what do professional teams look at?

There are a huge number of platforms for finding teams now, and there’s matchmaking in the games themselves. You need to communicate there, try to organize teams, see what tournaments are going on, and slowly move forward. And to get into any good team, you first need to make yourself known in an existing championship. Another option is to join a eSports school, a field that is currently being actively developed by leading teams and organizations to raise eSports players.

If you are a good player, you have a high rating directly in the game, which means that you will easily get noticed in the world leaderboards and be called to the professional team. This is the easiest way.

What tournaments can you get your first experience at?

Why cyber sports is so popular today1

There are a huge number of tournaments now that you can find on cybersports sites. You can even find a tournament on Google by selecting a discipline and googling related sites, you can find championships on them.

Is it expensive to become a cyber athlete?

Cybersport is often thought of as an expensive sport, but that’s only because people don’t understand the subject and draw the wrong conclusions. The fact is that buying a gaming computer and accessories can really cost $2,000 or more. But in reality, that’s enough for 3-4 years, and if you break down the costs by months, it turns out that cyber sports aren’t that expensive compared to other sports. Anyway, a player needs a good computer, but you don’t need to buy the most expensive mouse, keyboard and headphones. Of the additional costs are the electricity and internet costs. Also at the initial stage there are times when you’re already pretty good at gaming, but you don’t have a sponsor yet, and you need to go to a tournament, and that’s when you have to spend money to participate. But chances are that you will find an organization that supports young players and takes care of the expenses. Now this trend is growing because teams have realized that it’s better to grow your own players than buy them from someone else.

So in the beginning you will have to spend some money out of your own pocket, but not too much.


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