Veena Vijayan Wife of Minister Muhammed Riyas Has Remarked as an Information Technology Professor

Belonging to the IT profession is a huge thing. And the job is quite a tough one. An IT professor has many responsibilities. Such as teaching a prerequisite number of graduate classes, attending conferences, regularly publishing journal articles, supervising postgraduate students, etc. It sounds like a lot of work, isn’t it? Now let’s get to know about a person who belongs to the IT profession. Her name is Veena Vijayan. She is quite famous for her talent and intelligence.

Achievements of Veena Vijayan

Her achievements are beyond imagination and motivational.

  • As a powerful woman, she runs a Bangalore-based IT company called Exalogic Solutions. And running an IT company alone is a thing that deserves a greater appreciation. Her professions include
  • She is a managing director as well as she is an entrepreneur. Many call her to wonder woman as she is so talented.
  • Veena Vijayan was working for Oracle Corporation as employee.
  • Even the talented lady played the role of CEO of RP TechSoft International Pvt Ltd.

At the age of 38, she did a lot of things that many can’t do. Her life is full of different experiences, which helped her achieve the amount of success she deserves. Veena Vijayan deserves more success and fame.

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Personal Life Of Veena Vijayan.

Veena Vijayan is the daughter of Pinarayi Vijayan. Her father is famous like her. Pinarayi Vijayan is the Chief Minister of Kerala. Every family member is famous in their way. Then her mother’s name is Kamala Vijayan. She used to be a teacher at an unknown school. But currently, she is retired. Veena Vijayan has a brother, and his name is Vivek Kiran Vijayan. However, we still don’t know anything about her brother. As she never disclosed anything about her brother.

Veena Vijayan is married to PA Muhammad Riyas. And by profession, her husband is a politician. PA Muhammad Riyas is her second husband. Her husband, PA Muhammad Riyas, is the son of PM Abdul Khader and KM Ayishabi. And PA Muhammad Riyas is a retired IPS officer. And we know that she was a son. But the body knows what his name is or how old is her son. But from her close ones, we know that she is a great mother and wife. She always supports her son and her husband. Even though she is quite a busy person, but she always has time for her loved ones. The amazing lady never mixes her personal life with her professional life.

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Basic Informations About Veena Vijayan

She was born in the year 1983, and currently, she is 38 years old. Her birthplace is Kerala, India. However, she lives in Kozhikode, Kerala, India, at the current moment. She never revealed her exact date of birth, so we can’t find out her zodiac sign.

Since childhood Veena Vijayan never failed to surprise people with her intelligence. She went to Sacred Heart Girls High School for schooling. From some unknown sources, we found out that she used to be the top student in her class all the time. At the same time, she used to participate in extra curriculum activities to gain experiences and knowledge. Veena is a hardworking person since childhood.

For graduation, Veena went to Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. In her free time, she likes to read the news. And her educational qualification is BE. As she is a busy person, she doesn’t have any hobbies. Also, her favourite part of the day is to spend time with her son and husband.

Veena Vijayan is quite a humble person. And she always tries to help people as much as possible.

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