Women From Tiruchirappalli Aarthi Doss Holds Sivakarthikeyan’s Hand As Other Half

Aarthi Doss is an Indian woman currently living in Chennai. She is a beautiful woman with a tall and thin figure and carries an elegant fashion style that is simple yet modest. Her Instagram reveals pictures of her traditional wear, which have brought a good impression on thousands of minds. Her sophisticated personality with a great heart melted the hearts of many followers, including her neighbors, friends and family members. Her native is Trichy, the southern part of India known as Tamil Nadu. She completed her graduation from a well-known educational institute.

Aarthi doss marriage life

Aarthi Doss is the wife of the most famous film Actor Sivakarthikeyan in the Tamil film industry, working as a playback singer. Aarthi married her cousin, Sivakarthikeyan, leading a peaceful married life since the day they got hitched with each other. This sweet couple exchanged their rings on 16th May 2010, and in the same year, Aarthi got married to Sivakarthikeyan on 27th August 2010.

The history behind Aarthi and Sivakarthikeyan marriage

After Sivakarthikeyan’s father had passed away, he was quite helpless. So, the uncle of Sivakarthikeyan’s used to take care of his family, including his mother. His uncle also supported him and took up even the cost of his family expenditures and other expenses. Sivakarthikeyan’s mother was very fond of Aarthi doss. As a sign of gratitude towards his uncle, Sivakarthikeyan married Aarthi doss according to her mother’s wish.

Spouse of Aarthi doss

Sivakarthikeyan is a supportive and responsible husband who is a well-known Kollywood multi-talented actor, film producer and lyricist working predominantly in the history of the Tamil industry. Aarthi thinks of herself as a lucky wife having a handsome, caring husband who manages time for Aarthi and her family despite being quite busy working on movies etc.

Daughter of Aarthi doss

The sweetest couple Aarthi Doss and Sivakarthikeyan, has been blessed with Aradhana, born on 22nd October 2013. Aradhana is also famous in the Tamil film industry since she had sung her first song, ‘Vaayadi Petha pulla.’

Aarthi doss profession

Aarthi doss is a passionate homemaker as she is well absorbed into this profession, being a dedicated homemaker.

The generous side of Aarthi doss

Aarthi doss has been doing all the household work by herself and takes care of every family member in her house. Educating her child by teaching with homework and helping her child to learn etiquette and manners may sound easy, but this is working up a sweat.

Aarthi doss is an honest, kind-hearted person who participates in different charity organizations to help others, showing empathy towards neighbours, and follows good moral standards. She has maintained a good relationship with her child and husband, which brings off the perfect definition of a loving mother and a diligent wife. Her devotion towards her family shows how responsible and generous she is as a person.

Aarthi Doss as the best wife

As a wife, Aarthi doss serves her husband, Sivakarthikeyan, beyond the level of best. Their long-lasting healthy relationship has been a paradigm of ideal husband and wife. Aarthi is extremely supportive and encouraging towards her husband’s career, motivating her husband to shine brightly into the film industry. Her abiding love for her husband and her diligence to understand him made a huge success in terms of relationship and career. She provides adequate time and mental support to her husband, making him love and appreciate Aarthi even more. On a tv show, Aarthi’s husband dedicated a whole emotional speech where he expressed his love for Aarthi in front of thousands of viewers.


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