Top Tips For Designing A Stand-Out Logo

Designing a logo for your business can leave you scratching your head, wondering where you should even begin.

Hugely important and so much more than just a symbol to attract people, a company logo should represent what your business sells, stands for and identifies itself as, and when done right, can help your target audience recognise you quicker, and encourage loyalty to your brand. This makes designing a logo to encompass all of those things seem like an impossible task, however, and not unsurprisingly, many opt for help from professional Logo Design Services.

Many such companies aren’t just there to help you print your logo onto stationary, t-shirts or other merch, they’re there to help you design it, too. With this in mind, here are some top pro tips for designing a logo that truly stands out:

Try to keep it as simple as possible

While you might be tempted to try and design a logo that is complex and exciting, it’s often the simpler designs that are more effective. In fact, experts say that an over complicated logo is among one of the biggest mistakes made by businesses today.

Complex logos that make it hard for customers to read, remember and recognise in the future, will not do your business any favours, no matter how artistic they may be.

Think about your target audience

Carefully consider your target demographic and for the best results, conduct some market research and case studies to get to know them and their needs even better. It can’t hurt to keep an eye on your competitor’s and their logos, too. Below are some considerations to make when researching your target audience:

  • Try and find out what means the most to them (is it affordability or sustainability, for example)
  • Understand how to connect with them on an emotional level through the stories you tell
  • Try and capture potential customers’ attention who share the same values as you

Ensure you stand out

With so many businesses out there, and so many logos already in existence, designing one that is truly unique and which stands out among your competitors, is challenging to say the least. But by experimenting with colours, fonts and typographies, and by playing around with lots of different taglines, you should be able to find something that hasn’t already been done, and which represents your brand in a way you want it to.

Don’t forget that you can also seek help from an experienced printing company; while they will print your logo, they will often provide a high-quality, creative design service, too.

Design a scalable logo

Your final logo design will need to look just as good on a huge billboard as it does on a small piece of stationary given away as a promotional product; the image resolution will need to be just right, and it should be easy to recognise no matter its size, and again, a local logo design in Stoke-on-Trent company can guide you on this.

Try and embrace classic and timeless designs

Try to avoid designing a logo that might not be as fashionable in a few years’ time. Fun and unique designs can just as easily be created using a simplistic approach, and logos with classic designs but which contain thoughtful words and images, are far more likely to stand the test of time than logos which follow the latest trends.

For some entrepreneurs, designing a logo is one of the hardest things they must do in terms of establishing themselves as a business. But, by seeking professional guidance and taking as much time as is needed to create a memorable and powerful logo, the mission doesn’t have to be quite so impossible.


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