The main advantages of using a virtual phone number

Although messengers are one of the most popular ways to interact, regular phone communication is still relevant. Chatbots are convenient, but sometimes a person just doesn’t have time to push a lot of buttons to find an answer to their question. When information about a product or service needs to be obtained “here and now”, it is easier to call a live person.

Virtual phone numbers are not connected to a real phone line. They are invaluable for businesses redirecting customer calls to the right agent based on IVR call data, and can be subjected to comprehensive performance monitoring and other important aspects. It is easy and profitable to buy Lithuania virtual number, they have many advantages.

Preserving personal privacy

Another important advantage of a virtual phone number is the ability to separate business and personal calls. This will keep your personal number private, but give you the opportunity to purchase a new number for your business. Moreover, it will greatly improve your business image by simplifying communication and eliminating the need to carry a separate phone.

Presence in many countries currently has virtual phone numbers for all European countries, other numbers are available upon request. Such a number is needed, for example, if you do business in India while in the UK and act as a local company there.

Control and interaction with personnel

Virtual numbers help you interact with subordinates located in the country where business is conducted, production is conducted, or sales are coordinated. Regardless of the number of departments and geography, virtual telephony allows all participants to be connected as if they were in adjacent rooms. Each employee is assigned an individual number for logging into the system. All activities of managers are recorded. If necessary, you can set up a recording of conversations with the possibility of listening. For meetings it is convenient to use conference calls.

Automation of calls processing taking into account time zones

The difference in time zones is one of the important factors to consider when conducting international business. The wider the geography, the more you need to adjust for customers, taking into account the hours of operation in the country of business. In order not to work round the clock, you can organize automatic processing of calls in the evening or at night, using the possibilities of virtual numbers. These are: answering machine, voice mail, interactive voice menu, call forwarding.

Notify your customers at a convenient time

Connecting virtual numbers allows you to automatically call your customers and inform them about discounts, promotions, special offers, inform them about important changes in the company, etc. But here, too, you need to take into account the difference in time zones, so as not to disturb people late at night, early in the morning or on weekends. That’s why autodialing from virtual numbers (or one number) is set on a schedule. After one-time setup and audience segmentation in the CRM, calls will be made at the specified time.


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