The Law of Attraction – Happiness Astrology

Simply said, it implies that if we keep focusing our mind on it, all of our thoughts will become a reality. Manifestation is a byproduct of the Law of Attraction, and it is the outcome of your consistent concentration on achieving your goals through visualisation.

It’s the sensation of having it right now, mirrored in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions due to repeating positive affirmations and maintaining a good vibe.

This is why, when individuals are depressed, sad, or angry, if they focus more on the depressing time or the conditions that generated their sorrow or rage, they will frequently experience even more of the same since that is what they believed and thought to be their reality.

So, here are some tips from the best Astrologers in Chennai to manifest happiness in your life.

  • Pay attention to your mind, body, and spirit.

Our body, mind, and spirit are all intertwined. Listen to your inner spirit and body while visualizing and creating your pleasure. Your body, mind, and spirit are connected by a secret message from inside.

  • Positive Reaction Whatever the case may be

No matter what occurs, stay as optimistic as possible. Whether happy or bad, your ideas will spread throughout your mind, body, and those around you. The deeper your mind is trained to think favourably, the more positive ideas you have.

  • Meditate Daily

Meditate daily; even if you don’t have much time, at least try to give 10 min to yourself and chant OM; this will help to keep peace and align your body and mind.

  • Always remember to be thankful and modest.

Use the power of thankfulness to your advantage. A happy and successful person must maintain their humility and be appreciative of their accomplishments. This will ensure that you are happy for a long time and that you appreciate the present moment.

  • Take Action

Asking for what you desire and manifesting bliss, You must take action in order to achieve your objective and reach your destination. Nothing will happen until you take action.

  • Imagine yourself happy as though you already are.

Imagine that you already have happiness and manifest it. This paints a vivid image in your mind of nothing being impossible, happiness, and the realization of whatever goal you set.

  • Do not think about it.

Yes, forget about your manifestations. The most crucial part of manifestation is this. This is to enable yourself to be physically free and forget about the manifestation you’ve been working on.

This is because it will be quite simple to keep thinking over your aspirations until you start to doubt if you will ever see them realised.

What causes the energy balance of happiness to be disrupted?

In a person’s horoscope, there are two sets of planets: one that is positive and offers worldly goods to a person, and another that is negative and deprives him of earthly goods.

When a person achieves success, the positive set of planets takes precedence over the negative set, preventing the negative set from interfering with the native’s prosperity. These unfavourable planets thus have an adverse effect on criteria like Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha Tricone, making the individual miserable.

The Karma Repayment Theory:

According to a Tamil Astrologer, When a person applies this karma rectification principle to himself, he will become happier. With the use of karma rectification, it is possible to equalise the following tricones physically:

  • The Kama Tricone: When this Tricone’s energy is out of harmony, it might make a person melancholy for no apparent cause. Regular exercise is required to maintain the equilibrium of this tricone. This is because exercise causes your body to release endorphins, which make you feel good. You should also laugh as much as possible. The Kama Tricone must be balanced.
  • Dharma Tricone: The Dharma Tricone’s balance is based on the dharma or labour that we do. When our necessities are met, we must contribute back to the environment or society. Our bodies generate serotonin that keeps us joyful when we help others.
  • ArthaTricone: Our sadness vanishes when we are recognized for our efforts. According to science, when we appreciate and are appreciated, our brains generate dopamine, which makes us joyful.
  • Moksha Tricona: This tricone can indeed be managed by enlisting the help of friends and family members. According to science, our brains generate oxytocin, which promotes happiness when we grow closer to other people.


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