The Basics Of Crypto Trading

Many people are beginning to be attracted to crypto trading due to its high potential and profit. It is getting immense popularity, especially after the coronavirus, when people seek different investment and earning methods. In the early days of cryptocurrency exchange, it was referred to as the wild due to the uncertainty and high risk, but today it has become a full-grown business by which everyone is taking advantage. Many crypto exchange platforms provide extensive support for new users and beginners, such as KuCoin, ideal for new users and beginners. In this article, we will discuss the basics of crypto trading.

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Understanding the Crypto trading

Before making any investment in the crypto market, it is essential to know that it is a risky business, and no matter what people might say, it has its risks and rewards. If you want to earn a risk-free profit, there are other ways, such as Affiliate programs, Crypto Mining pools, or Bitcoin mining pools. If you have decided to go with crypto trading, it’s better to choose KuCoin as the crypto trading platform because of its extensive support for trading with its coin feature called trading bot. It also provides real-time data and relevant cryptocurrency news. These are the basics trading strategies of crypto trading.

Trading Style

It is the key feature and the most important thing to understand when you will invest in crypto trading. There are different trading styles, but the most dominant are day, swing, and position trading.

Day Trading

Day trading is the purchase of a coin and selling it on the next day at the same time to avoid the overnight market effect. It is a relatively faster method of trading and requires little analysis. However, their profit margin is not too high, and the investment can also be lost.

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Swing trading

Swing trading involves investment for more than a week or even a month. This type of trading requires some analysis, and it is better to understand the behavior of coins before making this type of investment.

Position trading

The last is position trading, often referred to as HODL. This trading is only recommended for capital coins and is based on the tactic that every coin goes up in the long trend.

Order Of Trading 

The order of trading is associated with day trading and swing trading. There are different charges by which the user can sell and purchase their cryptocurrency.

Market order

It is the most basic crypto market order, and the amount of currency is constant in it. For example, if a person wants to buy 1 Ethereum coin irrespective of the price, it will fall in the market order category. Now various offers would be made, and he will choose the best.

Limit order

It is similar to the market order, but the upper limit is defined in this order. For example, a person wants to buy 1 Ethereum but would not pay more than $2,500.

Stop order

The trading order in which the person wants to buy or sell the coin once it hits a threshold level. For example, a person wants to buy the crypto at $2,500 and sell it at $3,500.

Stop-limit Order

As cleared by the name, it combines limit and stops order. It is used to minimize the risks associated with purchasing and selling crypto.

Stop-loss orders

It is the market strategy used to minimize the loss and is a risk management tool in the market order. It stops all charges at the predefined level and sells the coin to prevent further losses.


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