Stay away these fruits from pregnant women.

The whole time during pregnancy is like a new life for a woman. Every step she takes will impact directly or indirectly the health of the baby. When a woman gets pregnant, life becomes challenging for her. She will face several health-related problems such as awful, stomach cramps, sore breasts, etc. Even she will feel extra tired all the time.

Fruits Which Must Be Out of Food Chart

Despite all the problems, a woman embraces this time. She automatically becomes careful for the sake of the baby. During pregnancy, women have to follow strict rules and diets.She has to get a lot of sleep as well as it is essential to work out regularly. It is good to practice yoga during pregnancy. In food, she has to follow the maintained diet, as certain fruits are not suitable for pregnancy.

  1. Raw or Semi Ripe Papaya

You mustn’t have papaya during pregnancy even if you like it very much. Both we should be strict about raw and semi-ripe papaya as it contains latex, which can provoke premature contractions, which is quite dangerous for your baby. In worst cases, it can lead to miscarriage. However, you can quickly eat ripe papaya as it contains lots of iron and vitamins.

  1. Pineapple

Doctors advise you not to have pineapples during pregnancy. Primarily it would help if you avoided pineapples during the first trimester of pregnancy. Pineapple causes sharp uterine contractions, so there is a high chance that this might result in a miscarriage. It has bromelain, which is an enzyme that can break down protein. Without the protein, the cervix can soften, and this can lead to early labor.

  1. Tamarind

It is customary to crave food that is tangy during pregnancy, and for savory food, the first thing we think about is Tamarind. Eating Tamarind during pregnancy causes serious problems. It is rich in Vitamin C., And during pregnancy, doctors tell you to avoid vitamin C as much as possible. Excess vitamin C causes suppression of the production of progesterone in your body. And less progesterone in the body leads to miscarriage or early birth. Even the cells of the fetus can get damaged due to a low level of progesterone.

  1. Bananas

If you have allergy problems or have diabetes or gestational diabetes, you shouldn’t eat bananas if you are pregnant. Bananas have chitinase, which causes allergies to some people. Even it can boost body heat.

  1. Watermelon

In general, watermelons are suitable for the body as it helps to flush out all the toxins present from the body. Also, watermelon hydrates the body. But during pregnancy, watermelon is harmful to the baby. It may remove nutrients that are good for the baby. Even the sugar level of watermelon is high, so your blood glucose level may rise.

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  1. Dates

Dates cause an increase in body temperature. As a result, you will experience uterine contractions. And excess contractions of the uterine leads to miscarriage of the baby.

During pregnancy body gets bloated; as a result, you won’t be able to wear your favorite clothes. These rules and diets are frustrating, yet a woman does this to become a good mother from the bare beginning.



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